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When to say enough is enough?

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babylily Wed 08-Jul-09 13:58:10

We've been ttc baby 3 since sep last year.
I'm 38 and went to see my gp after 6 months and he advised he wouldn't think there was anything amiss and not to go back until we've been trying for at least 18 months.
Thing is...I have been pregnant 4 times and have 2 dds. All 4 pregnancies I conceived at 1st attempt. After DD2 was born 3 years ago my periods stayed off for a year and since then have been a bit weird (25 days, then 28, then 34...costs me a fortune in pregnancy tests and hope when it goes beyond 28 days).
I also temp every day, we do the deed every other day for the ENTIRE month! temps do rise, but sometimes only for 10 days before AF, other times for 16 days). I'm pretty sure that irregular periods are an indication of failure to OV...
Basically I am pretty sure something is amiss and really don't want to wait another year to find out it's never going to happen...If I'm gonna have to get used to the idea of only having 2 should I do it now, rather than invest any more hope...
Will be absolutely gutted to not have another but know how blessed we are to already have 2.
Should I go back to GP and demand at least a blood test for ov? Is anyone with me in thinking 18 months is too long to wait???
I gave up caffeine/alcohol/am fit/healthy/etc etc etc.

babyboom1979 Wed 08-Jul-09 14:40:45

Babylily.....I definitely think 18 months is too long to wait -- especially because of your age. NHS guidelines state that if you are over 35 and it is taking you longer than 6 months to a year to conceive then you should go and see your doctor. Not sure why he sent you off so quickly! You are obviously still very young in the grand scheme of things but when it comes to fertility, things can slow down significantly as a woman nears 40. There is no harm in doing the basic ovulation and fertility (FSH etc.)blood tests.....

I'm sure things will be fine, but for your own peace of mind -- insist that your doctor be more accomodating or find another one who is!

Best of luck

GingaOutWest Wed 08-Jul-09 16:55:07

Babylily - def go for second opinion/diff partner in gp practice (if available). I got fobbed off by main partner (5 kids himself; not convinced infertility exists) and only got bloodtests etc and eventually on to IVF treadmill when saw other practice partner (GP2: why did you leave it this long to come in? Me: I didn't...) GOOD LUCK.

babylily Wed 08-Jul-09 19:36:26

babyboom & gingaOutWest,
You've both said just what i needed to hear. I don't really have it in me to just keep going at it indefinitely, and if something is wrong I'm far better to know now rather than later (and another year older)..
i'm going to make another appointment next week, and might ask to see someone else.

Funnily enough, my gp also has 5 kids of his own...maybe he thinks he should have stopped at 2..

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