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Accupuncture- did it work?

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Ailz Mon 06-Jul-09 22:09:30

hi everyone
i am ttc no 2 for going on 2 years. has anyone tried accupuncture? successfully or unsuccessfully i dont mind. i am considering doing it this month before i begin ivf (2nd round) next month or month after.
i would just like other women's opinions as they mean more than reports in the paper or ads and reviews.

yousaidit Mon 06-Jul-09 22:14:12

my sil had accupubcture whilst starting ivf and it worke don their first attempt. coincidence or not, who knows, but she did say she felt it contributed to the success of ivf. hth's

Caitni Mon 06-Jul-09 22:35:00

Hi ailz

I used acupuncture, both last summer (when still trying naturally) and before and during IVF. I had a chemical pregnancy last Sept that I attribute to the acupuncture I had. I was gutted at the time but at least it showed me we could conceive.

Out of the three practitioners I visited I'd rate Ian at Balance Acupuncture - he's the one I used before and during my IVF and I think it definitely helped (Lottie used him too and I used him because it worked for her!). He's experienced (he specialises in fertility), very practical and reassuring and his prices are reasonable.


Heathcliffscathy Mon 06-Jul-09 22:40:28

i had acupuncture for a cycle and a half before conceiving earlier this year.

sadly i miscarried but think a good acupuncturist really can make a difference.

JetLi Mon 06-Jul-09 22:43:18

2 ladies I know had very impressive combined IVF/acupuncture results. The first got preggers after 6 failed attempts (without Acupuncture) and had a healthy baby girl; the second preggers after 1 failure (again wihout), healthy baby boy. Expect to attend for a good few weeks before and after - the ladies I know also had TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) from the same practitioner (herbs and stuff). No chance you're in Sheffield I suppose? I could give you the Dr.'s details.

Ailz Mon 06-Jul-09 23:03:12

Thanks yousaidit, sophable and caitni. i will check out your recommendation. i do remember you and lottie mentioning him.
Sophable sorry to hear of your miscarriage. hope it works out for you next time i really do. Thanks JetLi, no i am in London, but I may check out the one at the clinic i attend or some other recommendations. would be great if got good one locally.

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