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Exercise - a question

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WildSeahorses Mon 06-Jul-09 13:34:11

I'm starting TTC this month, so have been doing all the diet stuff (folic acid, no alcohol etc) for the last 3 months in preparation. However, I'm a bit concerned about my level of exercise (or lack thereof).

I used to go riding twice a week - that, plus my daily walk to work (about 25/25mins each way at a decent pace) was it for me.

I've now given up the riding, as I am too worried about falling off to actually enjoy it.

I'm worried that, now that I'm down to just the walking, I'm not doing enough exercise. I know that you're not supposed to take up strenuous activity when pregnant, so I'm a bit concerned that it might not be a good idea to take up e.g. running at this stage. Does anyone have any recommendations?

JamieJay Mon 06-Jul-09 21:22:29

This is something that I've wondered about as well - I've also cut right back on the riding whilst I'm trying, (especially as I had a miscarraige last month - not related to riding in any way and I know loads of people who continued to ride until 6 - 7 months without problems but I'm being super careful).

You're right that it's not recommended to take up strenuous exercise when pregnant but how about adding some swimming and including a couple of longer walks at the weekend?

I'm swiwmming with DH once a week and doing a couple of davina DVD's a couple of time a week.

Good luck.

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