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Emmsy's onwards and upwards part six - sticky icky babydust BFP central!!!

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Curlywurlee Sun 05-Jul-09 12:32:07

Here's a shiny new thread named especially for 4ever, let this be the one where we get lots and lots of new BFPs and everyone's pants get bigger grin

Ever onwards and upwards for all of you lovely ladies

Curlywurlee Sun 05-Jul-09 12:34:52

Oops, too late to update the last thread with a link. Hope someone finds this one before we disappear down the list grin

Tis very echoey in this here new cave hmm

MummyLovesSadie Sun 05-Jul-09 12:38:14

Oh no. I'm 40. sadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsad

BlueMoon1981 Sun 05-Jul-09 12:47:41

i've found you grin wow havent we been busy!

cupcakefairy Sun 05-Jul-09 13:46:32

Hi everyone,
thanks for the advice re peanuts - no allergies at all in our families so seems I'm safe, hooray!

Having to sit on my hands not to test...sooo desperate to! I just looked up when I got my last BFP and it was on day 38!! What was I thinking?? I must have had steely strength back then..
I'm away on a 2 day conference with work next week then at the in-laws for a long weekend so if I don't cave on Wednesday morning it'll be the following Monday! Mermaid any plans to test?

Neeko glad you partied in style and yay to the best birthday present, the + opk grin

Hoping loving your survival kit; and so glad you will be officially trying again it's nice to have all that stuff, you feel you are doing something positive towards it all. Good luck!

Gracie so glad your matron is being really understanding...I'm with the others, keep resting! Has your dh been around much with you the last couple of weeks?

cupcakefairy Sun 05-Jul-09 13:57:15

Just rescuing el listio...
Saw sophable had posted on another thread which cd she is so have updated it, and graduated scorpio too...hope she doesn't mind! hmm

Small pants

babyinacorner ttc#2 cd 51 ?
gingermumi ttc#4 cd 30
hoping ttc #1 cd 26
cupcakefairy ttc#1 cd 25
mermaid ttc#2 cd 21
Neeko ttc#2 cd 19
iggypiggy ttc#1 cd 18
Sophable ttc#1 cd 15
Jools ttc#1 cd 14
bakingqueen ttc#1 cd 13
4ever ttc#1 cd 12
Kate ttc#1 cd 8
becks ttc#2 cd?

On a break?

Medium pants

Barbie BFP 6th June
Curly BFP 4th June
GracieGirl BFP 30th May

Big pants

VJay bigpants due 26/08/09
Lionstarbigpants due 26/09/09
Sabsbigpants due 26/09/09
Anniebigpants due 1/12/09
Molliemooma due 16/12/09
Bluesatinsash due 18/12/09
Scorpio due 25/12/09
mm1509 due 5/1/10

Heathcliffscathy Sun 05-Jul-09 17:29:17

awww cupcake, I've just started a thread here about my total desperation levels...

thanks for bringing me back...

I am ttc number 2 btw...ds is going to be 6 in autumn...

babydust all round....

cupcakefairy Sun 05-Jul-09 17:57:49

Yay! This is certainly the best place to be while you go mad during the 2ww... I'm still on it too and over-analysing every little thing! We can all hold hands

Curlywurlee Sun 05-Jul-09 18:23:27

mls 40 is nothing, it's just a day over 39 wink. It is also the decade in which your little one will be conceived so forties are going to be good for you. How has your birthday been so far honey? It must be hard trying to celebrate when you are going through this. I hope you are being thoroughly spoiled If not, we can spoil you on our shiny new thread <curly scuttles off to the kitchen in search of posh food and beverages>

Welcome back sophable where have you been?? grin

Hey cupcake good detective work and organisation of el listio (I likes things that sound italian grin) I reckon you should test wednesday!

Heathcliffscathy Sun 05-Jul-09 18:39:01

i've been a mole in a hole...

i've just looked at my diary (before charting properly) and realised that the month I got preg we BD'd CD10 11 and 12.

So maybe I do ovulated CD11 in which case this month will be rubbish as we BD'd day of ovulation and 3 days afterwards.

thing is i had EWCM CD11 and a +opk that day so I'm assuming ovulation will have occured CD12 or 13.

I JUST WANT TO BE PREGNANT (stating the bleedin obvious i know).

cupcakefairy Sun 05-Jul-09 18:52:07

<joins curly in whipping up lots of cakes and drinks for MLS's celebrations grin>

Curly the tests are already calling to me today so I'm sure I'll cave Wednesday! Problem is I'm off on that work conference Wednesday morning so would have to get up v early to test then log on to tell you girls
Maybe it should be Tuesday instead!! Ok I need to calm down hmm

Curlywurlee Sun 05-Jul-09 19:25:10

Tuesday is one of my favourite days of the week!!!

Moon in my excitement of not being alone in the cave anymore I forgot to say hello blush How are you doing honey?

MummyLovesSadie Sun 05-Jul-09 19:31:23

Oooooh cakes & drinks, feeling much better now! Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes.

Curly you always say such lovely things, yes indeed I hope my 40's are when my next lo will happen.

Sophable welcome back.

VJaybigpants Sun 05-Jul-09 19:56:19

Lovely new thread curly well done, they don't last long our threads do they.
Here's to lots of BFP's grin, and I hope I don't get too much bigger hmm, I'm struggling to fit into some of my maternity stuff now shock grin

VJaybigpants Sun 05-Jul-09 19:56:50

mls forty is the new thirty smilesmilesmilesmile

BlueMoon1981 Sun 05-Jul-09 20:01:33

hi curly well done for starting the new thread i am ok thank you, i am 'plodding along' as my mum calls it, she tells me to keep plodding and i will get there one day. things aren't too bad, just feeling very sad, but i can at least think about things without crying now. how are you doing? xx

VJaybigpants Sun 05-Jul-09 20:08:58

hi moon that's sound advice from your mum, my nan said the same thing to me, just take it a day at a time and it will get easier...and it does smile

BlueMoon1981 Sun 05-Jul-09 20:13:49

hi vjay you are right, you don't ever forget but it becomes a little less painful and a little easier to bear over time.

so what happens when you grow out of your maternity clothes shock you must have a very big healthy bean in there!

Curlywurlee Sun 05-Jul-09 20:23:48

lol VJ maybe we should ask hoping to knit you some extra large pants grin grin though as it is she must be doing a knitting marathon for us

Moon your mum is right I think. The periods in which you start to feel normal and yourself again get longer, and the sadness gets less. Don't ever feel you should stop grieving, everyone else moves on in RL but this is your sadness. And we've got more hugs than you can shake a stick at whenever you need them xxxx

MLS a big birthday hug for you too. I think we've gone a bit mediteranean with the food selection for your party, lots of olives, fresh bread, hummus and M&S lovelies. Posh wine too and cupcakes yummy cakes grin

sophable fingers and everything crossed for you.

MummyLovesSadie Sun 05-Jul-09 20:37:43

Lovely, I love olives, hummus & fresh bread. Could we have some really garlicky soft cheese too?

VJaybigpants Sun 05-Jul-09 20:46:09

I will be needing the extra large pants after eating all of mls's party food, it sounds soooo yummy grin

mermaidspurse Sun 05-Jul-09 20:49:13

lovely new thread and love the dedication for 4ever that is lovely.

mls I hope you have managed to get through today in one piece, surrounded by loved ones food and drink has got to be a fairly good recipe for a 40th. I just so wished it could have been different for you. Look at it as the new epoch of mls and strut your stuff when you can bear to that

omg hoping I just looked at your knitting pattern. Are you by any chance a member of mensa? how on earth can you understand that? Respectsmile

cupcake do you really reckon? Even thinking I maybe could be has made me see how much my dh is really bricking it. Don't reckon he will ever touch me againgrin

sophable hello strangersmile I will keep all bits of me crossed for you this month. Its hard when you have that growing age gap as well as the ol clock ticking. Its sounding good though girlx

jools stamping my foot for you. They know don't they when we need them! honestly men they make everything far more complicated than it need ever be. Hope you are ok apart from feeling like you may want to wallop him round the head with a wet kipper that iswink

vjay I fear we may may need a sub catergory for the xtra largest pants? Is your back ok?

curly hello when do you want me to test thengrin

blue a day at a time is fab advice hope your week goes a wee bit better than last.x

The chemist in boots sold me dispersible asprin you get loads for 99p. She said this was better suited for an asprin babysmile

Curlywurlee Sun 05-Jul-09 20:57:51

How about tomorrow mermaid???? grin or Tuesday? or Wednesday? he he bad curly grin

Just nipping out to the shop to get some garlicky cheese. Back soon grin

bluesatinsash Sun 05-Jul-09 21:42:33

Curly - thanks for new thread and lovely ode to 4ever - let's hope it brings lots and lots of BFPs and more importantly sticky beans and growing bellies smile.

MLS - I like your taste in food!! Really hope you had a lovely day today and 40 is DEFINATELY the new 30 grin

Sophable - just peeked at your other thread and fingers tightly crossed for you on the 2ww.

Moon - can relate to 'plodding' that's exactly how I felt both times, not desperately sad after a couple of weeks had past but slow and distracted.

Neeko - yay! to +opk, I'm all excited for you x

cupcake lol at testing on day 38. I was like that with DS - think I tested one WEEK after AF was late, I mean WTF?! Tested on CD27 this time, how times change blush.

Vjay - lovely mental image of you slipping into MASSIVE pants that will double up as papoos for baby once he's here grin.

Anyone watch the tennis?? It was fantastic although I was so wanting Roddick to win as he wears his heart on his sleeve and I quite fancy hime too blush. Hats off to Federer though he is just sublime.

Babydust to all testing this week, I do feel some BFP's coming on.

Neeko Sun 05-Jul-09 21:52:31

Hello! Great new thread (once I'd got over the panic about where you'd all gone! grin)

Did I miss the food?

DH is wanting on here soon so I'll need to catch up tomorrow.

MLS Remember your body doesn't own a calendar so has no idea how old you are (but your eggs are 22!) happy birhday again, special lady.

Hi to Sophable and welcome back.

Cupcake and mermaid Test! Test! Test! grin

Curly Loving the (.)(.) - They'll be ( . )( . ) before long! Embrace it.

Vjay I ended up in size 16 maternity clothes before DD was born. I started off in size ten shock Sending you a sympathetic hug.

See you all tomorrow.

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