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Temping question?

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Josie22 Sat 04-Jul-09 09:33:11


Was wondering if when temping there is always a drop in temperature on the morning that your af starts? I am on day 29 of my cycle (my UCL is around 27). My temps have been consistently high (including this morning) but this is my first month of charting so nothing to compare it to except all the charts in TCOYF where all the charts show a drop in temp on the day that a period is noted. Had very slight af pains three days ago but nothing came of it. Trying not to get hopes up but my hands are shaking as I type!!!

Any advice/expereince would be great!


londonlottie Sat 04-Jul-09 10:00:45

Message withdrawn

Josie22 Sat 04-Jul-09 10:36:14

Thanks Lottie. I have no idea of my typical luteal phase but had always thought it was on the short side as my cycles are quite short. I do have a first response test but was going to try and wait til tomorrow - not sure I can hold off though! I have been trying to ignore that my symptoms are quite unusual - I normally get spotting at least a day before af arrives but I have had nothing so far. Also have very sore and large boobs but that could be my af as well. I guess I should just test instead of sitting around analysing...

londonlottie Sat 04-Jul-09 11:00:23

Message withdrawn

Meanbeansmum Sat 04-Jul-09 11:57:39

Hi Josie, good luck! 37.0 is always the magic temp for me, if my temp reaches that 37.0 in the 2ww (basal body temp) then it's normally a bfp! A large dip usually means af but I had a massive dip and bleeding with ds2 and tested +ve a few days later. Test!!!

Josie22 Sat 04-Jul-09 15:09:30

Meanbean - that's very good to know - my highest temp was 38 so hopefully a good sign. Have decided to test tomorrow morning as dh thinks it sensible to use first wee of the day so its as accurate as possible (men are so practical in these situations). Have been to the loo about every half hour (!!) to check if any spotting but still nothing. Can't believe that I am being this patient - so unlike me! smile

Thanks for the advice and will let you know how it goes...

Josie22 Sun 05-Jul-09 07:55:27

So woke up and took my temp - was 30.82!!! Then did a hpt and literally I didn't have time to even get off the loo and there were two lines staring back at me!!! BFP!!!!!!!
Can't believe it - was/am shaking like a leaf and dh was amazed. It's a really strong second line so taking that as really good sign that my hormones are nice and strong. So excited smilegrinsmile!!!!!!!!!!

P.s. sorry for use of exclamation marks but it feels necessary!

londonlottie Sun 05-Jul-09 12:11:41

Message withdrawn

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