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Not sure when to TTC DC3.

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Kayzr Wed 01-Jul-09 17:44:00

We want a third DC. We have 2 boys, DS1 is 2.3yo and DS2 is 6mo. I am really really broody and keep thinking it would be nice to have another soon.

The current thinking is that we would like DC3 to be born between June and October as DS1's birthday is March and DS2's is December.

So if we try for next year then DS1 will be over 3 and DS2 will be about 18 months. If we go for the following year DS1 will be over 4 and DS2 about 2.5yo.

DH is bloody useless and just says "Well I don't really mind" When I actually want him to say "Yes let's go for it!" or "No I'd rather wait"

Please slap me give me your opinions.

Kaylo Wed 01-Jul-09 22:53:08

Hi Kazr This is my experience, I don't know if it will help much but here goes...

I also am waiting to start ttc my 3rd (and final) child. My daughter is 4 birthday in March and my son is 3 this Friday. We are going to start ttc in September so hopefully baby will be due around April-June time obv depending when conception happens.

I wanted to wait this long as didn't like having a double pushchair having done that with dd and ds. Not fun (for me anyway). Also until financially we were more stable (but by no means rich!).

I know what you mean about non-useful info from dh's tho!! Mine suggested waiting until September so he has a chance at getting 2 weeks paternity leave around the world cup time!! Or at least mine!

I guess what I've been trying to say is, look at the situations you've been through as you ds's are quite close in age and you may have used a double buggy for transportation (and may still have it - saving ££££'s)
Are you financially ok enough to support another child?
What age gap did you envision your children having?
What are the main ways which it will impact your life e.g children welcoming another sibling, and your marriage?
Do you have childcare arrangements if you work? Can you afford more childcare costs?

I'm sorry if this sounds messy and bossy. This are the questions I asked myself before approaching dh with plans to bd soon for dc3.

Sorry I waffled on for so long Hope you sort something out soon.

vanessa26 Wed 01-Jul-09 22:56:03

Well, me and my partner have just started trying again grin i came off the coil on the 21st june. We really want to try again to see if this time we can have a boy (I dont mind if its a boy or girl, but at least i can say i gave it a good go at getting a boy lol) I have 2 girls our eldest is 3 in October and our youngest is 2 in December.
My partner is much the same so i asked him if he would mind me having the coil out (i wanted a straight yes or no) and he thankfully said yes.
I wanted to have them all pretty close together (As i only want 3) theres 14 months between our first and second so with the third i wanted to have about 2 and half years between our now youngest and with any luck the one soon to be on the way wink
In my opinion if you have them close together its all over and done with once you get to the last you want then you can just enjoy watching them grow up together (Other peoples opinions may differ)
Some people say im stupid a glutton for punishment lol. I just think I love my kids and love being a mummy smile

Kayzr Thu 02-Jul-09 07:35:52

After talking with DH last night we are going to wait until next year. We want to enjoy the boys for a bit longer.

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