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whats happening, has anyone had the same.....????

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tiggerandpiglet Wed 01-Jul-09 12:41:35

Hi all

done some pregnancy tests since last week and all positive, i done the tests out of curiosity and for my own reasons.....

woke up to a little bleed today, which would of been when i am due on , got abit worried so went to hospital they done a test, and said I am so sorry etc etc was negative..

I am fine, whats meant to be will be...

But..big BUT... I had one first response test left so I thought how weird that the hospital is negative when i have had lots of positives, so I used the last test and its positive....

Whats what here???? I have a tender belly but nothing to complain about, has anyone had this before....??

plisplas Wed 01-Jul-09 12:46:20

Sounds familiar... Sorry to hear. Same happenned to me, but following month I got a BFP

tiggerandpiglet Wed 01-Jul-09 13:49:58

weird as having slight bleed and the only negative test was at hospital, but all other signs plus 8 positives over the last week and today..... so strange.... i havent got cramps or anything??

I am going to wait a few days see if still bleeding...


What could it be?

Ailz Wed 01-Jul-09 15:09:50

That one baffles is a head scratcher. all i can say is the dreaded word .....wait! do a test again in a couple of days

rainbowdays Thu 02-Jul-09 09:41:43

It is probrably a chemical pregnancy, with all the light tests and the less sensitive hospital test showing negative yesterday a week after your first test. You just used a more sensitive test at home than they used at the hospital. Chemical pregnancies are very common. The pregnancy just does not progress properly and fails to implant properly, it means that the period arrives a few days late and for most women they never even know that a conception has taken place at all.

I know many people including myself have successfully concieved in the month following the chemical pregnancy, so perhaps this will happen to you too.

tiggerandpiglet Thu 02-Jul-09 12:48:54

The problem nowadays is that these silly pregnancy tests were invented to detect before a missed period up to 6 days, years ago if it was the worst case ie; m/c then people would just put it down to a period, and never of known any different... the human body is so complex, and complicated..and these new inventions on the market....

Anyway its not looking good this month as bleeding lots and clotty, so hopes and baby dust my way for the months forward....

letting nature take its course

Ailz Thu 02-Jul-09 15:36:46

yes tiggerandpiglet we just have too much info and too soon unfortunately. lots of babydust your way. its looking bad for me this month too. good luck everyone

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