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Is anyone overweight and ttc?

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mampam Tue 30-Jun-09 14:27:26


I've been trying to lose weight because DH and I would like to have a baby. I already have 2 dc's from my previous marriage and was told that because I have such big children (dd 9lb 4oz, ds 10lb 13oz) that I would have to have a c-section next time! Well I didn't think there ever would be a next time but now I am married again and DH would like to have a child of his own.

I am well aware of the complications that can arise from being overweight and pregnant but my weight loss just doesn't seem to be happening. I have been going to weight watchers for 7 months and at one stage I did lose a stone but half of that has crept back on. I've had thyroid tests and even had blood tests and a scan for suspected PCOS as my periods are very irregular, but so far nothing has shown up.

I'm kind of thinking I might not wait until I have lost weight to ttc. Has anyone else or is anyone else ttc when overweight or has anyone had a pregnancy when overweight?
Would just like an insight please.

mampam Tue 30-Jun-09 14:32:09

I'm very sorry, I don't know how I managed to get this thread posted 3 times! Oops.

Redazzy Tue 30-Jun-09 15:05:25

Yes, I had my two dc while not just overweight but obese.

I was lucky and had no health complications with either pregnancy or birth. I had an emergency cs with ds (nothing to do with weight) and an elective with dd. I had no complications and a remarkably quick recovery from the cs with both.

However, medical research tells us that being overweight carries greater risks. I wouldn't want to say that just because I didn't have problems it might not be risky for others.

skihorse Tue 30-Jun-09 15:45:52

Yes. Fertility clinic referred me to a dietician who only treats preggos and their ilk! wink Dietician told me my waist was 4cm larger than "wanted" but I'm a pear not an apple so that's good. She recommended a low-carb style eating plan for anyone struggling to conceive.

Dietician then went on to send a stinking letter to the fertility clinic telling them to get a bloody grip because it was quite clear my diet is good and my exercise levels exceptional.

Medical research or anyone looking to beat women with another stick? wink

Joolsiam Tue 30-Jun-09 15:51:18

What a lovely dietician Skihorse I wish there were more of them about ... Was it just low carb in general she recommended, or a specific calorie / carb limit ?

I'm another that struggles to lose weight despite oodles of high impact exercise and a healthy diet - 2 pounds in 7 weeks is about average for me - soooo demotivating The only time my weight loss was speedy was in the two weeks between ovulation and a positive pregnancy test - proof I think that my metabolism is to blame.

I'm 2.5 stone above my healthy weight range - 1/2 stone into the obese range. I conceived when a stone heavier last year but mc'ed. Conceived again earlier this year but had an earlier mc.

I think to be honest the mc's are an age thing (I'm 40 later this year). Have heard of loads of women with more to lose than me who have had happy, healthy pregnancies. You never know how long TTC is going to take, so start eating healthily and see what happens

readyfornumber2and3 Tue 30-Jun-09 16:35:38

I had DS when I was a size 18 and got all the usual lectures about high risk and increased dangers etc
I went on to have a very easy preganacy and labour and a 9lb 13oz DS smile
My blood pressure was spot on all the way through and only had the usual pregnancy pains (heartburn etc)

I went on to lose 7 stone when he was 2 and got down to a size 12 before getting pregnant again, this time I am having twins and its harder physically but again no probs with bp etc

I would say that loosing weight will make the pregnancy easier in the later stages as less pressure on hips etc but aslong as you are aware of the risks and are happy to maybe have to have extra monitoring then I would just get on with ttc but follow a healthy eating plan at the same time smile

elliepac Tue 30-Jun-09 16:48:21

I was a lardarse with both of my pregnancies. While for obvious reasons preganancy is safer when less lardy I had happy and healthy pregnancies with both of mine producing DS (7 15) and DD (7 2). Blood pressure was absolutely fine throughout and no problems with diabetes etc. WIth second pregnancy, they initially referred me to consultant care and observation because I was overweight however, saw him once, he said I was asfit as an ox and preganancy was still low risk and discharged me straight back to midwife led care. HTH.

elliepac Tue 30-Jun-09 16:49:37

Sorry, must also add that i put on a lot less weight than some skinny mothers accpording to midwife and was back in my (albeit lardarse) prepregnancy trousers within a month.

skihorse Tue 30-Jun-09 19:23:56

Joolsiam she is indeed absolutely lovely and rather progressive too. I am also a low-carb advocate so knew what she was after. From my POV I'd say the style she was recommending was very similar to "South beach" - so low carb, but the carbs you're having coming from lots of fruit & veg. This was also her recommendation for people with PCOS (Syndrome X disease).

As for how heavy? 2 dear friends have had children in the last 2 years. One was 20 stone at conception, the other 17. The girl who was 17 stone was 14 post delivery and neither pregnancy had complications.

mampam Wed 01-Jul-09 15:52:08

Thanks everyone for your input. I have irregular periods anyway so it will probably take a while for me to conceive, meanwhile we're going to stop using contraception, I'm going to keep on trying to lose weight and step up on the exercise and see what happens. I'm kind of thinking that overweight, fit(ish) and pregnant has definitely got to be better than overweight, totally unfit and pregnant!

Even though I probably won't concieve for a while do you think it's wise for me to start taking folic acid, just in case?

Meanbeansmum Wed 08-Jul-09 10:55:23

Hi I'm overweight (4stone...ish lol).

I've had three healthy pregnancies and three natural births. grin

It can cause complications but NOT always happy ttc hun.x

mampam Wed 08-Jul-09 11:05:32

Thanks Mbm. It's reassuring to know. The thing is I'm nearly 30 and I've slowly put on weight over the last 10 years so it will probably take another 10 years to shift!! I'm just thinking that life is too short so if I spend my life waiting for the 'right' time to have another baby, it might never come.

skihorse Wed 08-Jul-09 11:10:09

That's so true mampam. A dear friend of mine has been beaten in to submission by her GP NOT to TTC until she is at optimum weight. The thing is, she's been obese for 20 years - don't you think if she really found weight-loss a task she can accomplish, she'd have done it by now?

So instead... she's put the clock on hold...

4andnotout Wed 08-Jul-09 11:13:36

Im a size 22 and have pcos yet i don't seem to have any trouble falling pregnant (6 times in 6 years) I have 4 dd's (7,4,22mo,8mo) and im ttc again but as im still bfing nothing is happening yet!
I ahven't had any problems with my pregnancies and straight forward labours.

mum2grace Wed 08-Jul-09 11:18:56

Hi i am overweight, at 17 stone im at my heaviest ive ever been. i have a dd 3yrs and ds 11 months and i have polycystic ovaries. id love to have number 3 but it took me ages to conceive both mine i think it will take even longer now. i was a size 12 when i met my oh 5 and a half years ago now im a size 18. i put on 2 and a half stone when i was pg first time and a stone with ds but never lost any and my weight has just crept up. im supposed to be getting married nxt summer so im trying to lose some but im really struggling. i had 2 natural births but i did get pre eclampsia with dd but ds pregnancy was fine apart from severe back ache.

anyone have a magic pill that makes you lose weight and make oh have super sperm???!!!!

weegiemum Wed 08-Jul-09 11:19:08

I am pretty overweight and have 3 dcs - no trouble in ttc, no bp problems, diabetes, any of that stuff.

I had a prob with kidney stones in my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies which surprised my consultant as he said "normally skinny women get them".

My labours were pretty normal, I healed up well, no trouble bfing etc ....

I've always been 'big', though, I have size 10 feet, for example!

mampam Wed 08-Jul-09 11:31:45

It's so reassuring to hear about everyone else. Thank you so much.

I'm a size 18/20 and weight just will not come off. Like Weegiemum I too have big feet, size 9, and I'm 5'8".

islegrin Tue 14-Jul-09 16:36:26

I've been amazed that my fertility docs have never really said anything about my weight - I'm large in every way at 6' tall. However my GP is always harping on me to reduce the meat in my diet (mostly for cancer reduction) and I finally bought the book he recommended "The China Study" because it's based on actual scientific research. The problem is (much like the no-carb diets) that how can you live with only such a limited range of food? So, DH and I've decided to just adjust what we can and not make a drastic change. Over the last 4 months I've lost about 2 stone at a very gradual pace, hopefully that will continue.

Also the OB told me that if you are overweight/obese you should gain a lot less than if you are a skinny minny - approx 10-15 lbs is the goal for me.

Waiting causes other problems, so go for it and good luck!

JamieJay Tue 14-Jul-09 20:40:34

IMO the risks associated with age outweigh the risk of being overweight so don't wait to ttc.

However, don't use your weight as an excuse not to get as healthy as possible, folic acid, lots of fruit and veg, exercise, stop smoking, less alcohol etc. etc.

I'm currently obese, ttc and doing slimming world. Have lost 12.5lbs so far and need to lose another 10lbs to get into the overweight zone. However like many others I'm broad and big build so discount BMI slightly.

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