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Implantation bleed?

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Jan9ne Mon 29-Jun-09 21:39:14

Hi i'm 37, have a 17 month old dd and am in 3rd cyle ttc. conceived 3rd cycle with 1st bubba funnily enough.... period due in 2-4 days. Generally have a 30/31 day cycle. AF is never early. Currently on day 27. Had some pinkish discharge today and thought 'ok here it comes - bit early though'. thought nothing more of it just a bit sad. anyway no proper blood. pinkish (salmon coloured if you must know!) discharge has stopped. Could this be implantation bleeding? Anyone with exp of this? I didn't have it last time although i did have a very similar 'break-through bleed' at 8 weeks with my first child. Not going to test yet. First tie around didn't test pos until i was a good week late with my af xxx

happyatlast Mon 29-Jun-09 21:50:04

I have two kids but have been pregnant 6 times now. Am currently 5 weeks pregnant. I have never had implantation bleeding with my other pregnancies but on day 22 of my last cycle I got pinkish blood, I said to my dp bloody hell periods starting a bit early thinkin thats what it was cos I have never experienced it before, then it stopped after about a day and a half, never got any heavier.

Anyway on day 27 started feeling really hot, going the loo loads, feeling dizzy and had major heartburn so did a cheap test actually the day before my period was due, after work not even with fmu and it come up positive, clear as anything.

So yes I would say it is possible its implantation blood, fingers crossed for you!

Jan9ne Mon 29-Jun-09 21:58:41

Thanks for that and good luck with your pregnancy. really hoping that i'm pg but
trying not to get my hopes up! Last time had v itchy boobs so hoping for that symptom too!

happyatlast Mon 29-Jun-09 22:06:24

Yeh I totally understand and thanks for wishing me luck. I was panicking that I wouldnt be able to get pregnant straight away anymore like I have everytime before because I turned 35 in March and as you probably know they say its downhill from there dont they when it comes to conceiving but again as before it happened the very first month of trying.

I said to my dp though this month just a few days before getting the implantation bleed that I didnt feel pregnant at all, and I was sure that I hadnt got caught this month, then I got pinkish blood so I was sure it was my period starting and then all of a sudden I wake up with heartburn and thats the only thing that made me think I could be pregnant cos as you know all the other symptoms I had you also get when your periods due so I was convinced it was meant to be this month, but there you go, have done 3 tests now, 2 cheap ones and a clear blue with concepton indicator and it said on day 28 of my period that I was 2-3 wks pregnant so I must have got caught really early on in my cycle, so dont give up hope, I really hope you are, let me know when you know, good luck!!

Ailz Mon 29-Jun-09 22:17:31

Hi Jan9e and happyatlast (congrats on pg!), i too am in similar situation. it is funny to read story of someone in same situation, sitting fretting about the same thing, doing the knicker checking and all. am on day 10 post ov and had pink v light bleed yesterday, it has now turned brown, got slightly heavier this morning (nothing like period) and now almost entirely disappeared. strange. certainly dont want to test. i am on 1st cycle of ivf so have been told not to test until Saturday. torture.

happyatlast Mon 29-Jun-09 22:22:45

Oooh bloody hell!!! I got pinky spotting, then thinking back now I remember waking up with quite a bit of blood in my knickers in the night, reddy/ brown, I mean not loads like but enough to make me wake up because of it, thats why I was so convinced my period was here, I put a tampon in, went back to sleep thinking well heres my period, took tampon out in the morning and there was a slight bit of brown blood and that was it, it stopped then!!!

Best of luck Ailz, I have my fingers crossed for you too!!

Ailz Tue 30-Jun-09 10:29:00

Thanks, yes it disappeared last night and have a bit this morning - very very dark, not much. fingers crossed. thanks for kind wishes it is a trying time!

mumbot Tue 30-Jun-09 15:00:17

Hi, I had implantation bleeding for 2.5 days starting 12th june and just got my BFP today

It got lighter, rather than heavier as normal af does. It was also brown / pink (tmi)

Took pregnancy tests the week after with nothing but it was +ve today

Good luck xx

Jan9ne Thu 02-Jul-09 14:30:31

Bah - it WAS my period........
Next month am not going to look for signs or symptoms (yeah, right!)

Ailz Thu 02-Jul-09 15:38:32

sorry jan9e. hard luck this month, better luck next month, good luck with no symptom spotting too! it looks like i too have af on the way, booooooo.

Tigresswoods Thu 02-Jul-09 18:17:36

I did not have one, thought I might so was looking out for it but certainly didn't.

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