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Post-mc af is strange - can anyone tell me if this is normal?

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amyboo Fri 26-Jun-09 09:46:32

Help! (and apologies in advance for TMI) I had an ERPC for a mmc at 13 weeks on 30 April. I bled for almost 2 weeks, but af came exactly 28 days after EPRC. That af started off with brownish spotting for about 3 days before I actually got af. I understood this could be old blood empting itself from my womb.

Anyway, I'm now on CD28 of my 2nd post-mc cycle. Today I'm having the brownish discharge again. Is this normal? I never got this before my mc - always just had proper af on the day it was due. We have been ttc lots this month, so now I don't know whether to be sad and depressed that af is coming, or if there's the slightest chance that this could be an implantation bleed (which I had with my first pregnancy). But this isn't really bleeding, more a brownish discharge when I wipe (sorry TMI).

Can anyone tell me what their experiences were post-MC? I don't want to jinx anything by testing early, but I'm going out of my mind thinking that it's all over for this month

Joolsiam Fri 26-Jun-09 10:00:42

I've always had 1.5 days of brown discharge before AF gets going - both pre and post miscarriage, so what you are seeing sounds pretty normal to me.

Also though, I got a BFP at 13DPO last year but nearly didn't test that day as I had brown discharge - was convinced AF was coming but it must have been an implantation bleed !

The waiting is horrible, but I guess all you can do is wait ..

Summer2008 Fri 26-Jun-09 10:24:01

Hi amyboo,

This happened to me post ERPC earlier this year and i was feeling as you do now about it. It continued and i didnt get a full proper AF until 9 weeks after the procedure.

The only way to tell is to do a HPT and this will at least put your mind at rest and give you an answer. Do you know if you ovulated and how many DPO you are?

If your worried about this may be worth a check up with your GP as well.

Fingers crossed, it could also be a BFP.

babyboom1979 Fri 26-Jun-09 11:02:44

This is entirely normal. I had the same thing with my post miscarriage afs. You may also find that your periods become slightly irregular for a few months. The fact of the matter is that some women's cycles and fertility bounce back immediately whereas others take a few months for their bodies to regularise. Both scenarios are entirely normal.

My fertility specialist said that the 'post-miscarriage fertility boost' is a complete myth and puts undue pressure on women to feel that they should be able to concieve right after they hava had a loss. You had a relatively late miscarriage so it may take your body a while to bounce back. Or it may not! Just be kind to yourself and don't beat yourself up if it takes a few more months.

Wishing you the best of luck

amyboo Fri 26-Jun-09 11:24:26

Thanks for the answers. I figure that it's probably af coming. I guess I hoped I'd be one of the ones who just "bounced back". MC has to be the most depressing, soul destroying thing ever. Am so sad I know I shouldn't have got my hopes up, but it's impossible not to.

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