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Sperm test results

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Bubblebell1 Wed 24-Jun-09 11:15:14

Dhs sperm test results are back but the dr cant look until tomorrow and i am desperate to know sooner.

Does anyone know a website that can give me answers to his levels and what is 'normal'??


Caitni Wed 24-Jun-09 11:39:28

Hi Bubblebell1

When my DH was going through his sperm tests I used this guide on FertilityFriends as it seems like the WHO guidelines are the ones most commonly used to define "normal".

I'd wait for what the doctor says though, as it's quite a complicated thing to interpret.

Hope it's good news smile

Bubblebell1 Wed 24-Jun-09 11:45:44

Thanks caitni

Everything is in the normal range except his morphology.... which was 4.

is that bad?? will they stop my clomid??

Caitni Wed 24-Jun-09 12:47:17

Hi Bubblebell

Sorry to hear that sad - I know that anything less than normal is horrible to deal with BUT morphology is the trickiest bit of thee guidelines. If you trawl through the internet you find lots of information that 15% morphology is considered too high by some doctors. 'Fraid I can't remember where it is (our issue was low count) but there are lots of ladies on here who've conceived naturally when morphology was an "issue".

I really would be shock if they stopped your clomid for this so don't worry about that. No male factor would be diagnosed on just one test, as the sperm test shows just the sperm at that precise moment. If you DH had the flu in the last few months for instance could have influenced his results (sperm are more sensitive than we think!). So I'd expect your doc to say you need at least one more sperm test done.

There are also things your DH can do to try and improve it - eg cutting back on alcohol, cutting out cigarettes entirely (if he smokes that is!), taking a good supplement for men that includes zinc. Sperm take about 3 months to form so any lifestyle changes won't take effect until another test in a few months.

Try not to worry too much - easier said than done I know - but it's really good that everything else is in the normal range. And your doctor will know what the next steps are.


londonlottie Wed 24-Jun-09 13:03:02

Message withdrawn

HeadFairy Wed 24-Jun-09 14:21:47

So sorry to hear this Bubble. Dh had poor morphology too when he was tested, but he was at the lower end of the acceptible spectrum and we were advised he should take Wellman capsules (from Boots) for three months at least (while waiting for my follow up appt at the assisted fertility clinic). Luckily I got pg with ds about four months later, so who knows whether it helped or not.

Googling around I did find an interesting article that says that most men fall way short of the accepted morphology levels, so perhaps those levels are set too high?

Bubblebell1 Wed 24-Jun-09 19:56:38

Thanks girls.

His sperm count was 98 million, morphology 4 and motility 31% rapid 8% slow and 48% non progressive. everything else was normal. think.

Dr is going to call tomorrow at 4 ish to explain things as i just got the receptionist to read the levels. hopefully they can explain things better.

feel a bit sad now

Caitni Thu 25-Jun-09 11:30:02

That's a really high count, which is excellent (my DH's ranged from 5 mil/ml to 12 mil/ml and there's practically nothing you can do to "fix" a low count). And HeadFairy's link is to a site that I also browsed when I was googling all of this - that fertility doc knows what he's talking about so is worth a read.

hopeful2010 Thu 25-Jun-09 16:49:42

My DH morphology is 1% normal and 99% abnormal now that is bad!! But on plus side his amount of sperm is huge forgotten exact amount but was something like 4 times the normal amount so his 1% of normal is still quite alot of normal sperm if you take into account I only need 1 sperm to get pregnant.
We were advised to retest in 3mths and the usual advice -don't drink too much alcohol, wear loose underwear, keep taking wellman supplements etc...what we have been doing for the last year basically!!

Basically I am in the same situation as London lottie I bought that pycnogenol too...anything is worth a try!!

I would not panic too much until you have had retest 3mth later.

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