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In my on-going quest to freak myself out in advance of PCOS tests, does sweating at night mean anything??

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emeraldgirl1 Wed 24-Jun-09 10:21:54

In one sense I'm being a hypochondriac because this could all just be down to the fact that in the case of last night, it was blazing hot and I'd eaten a large very salty meal quite late.

But I do notice that I get very sweaty at night sometimes, enough to wake me up and find it hard to go back to sleep. I'd struggle to pin this down to certain points in my cycle because my cycle is so erratic. But maybe if forced I could see that it happens roughly a couple of weeks before my period is due. It's certainly not an incredibly frequent occurence but it is a regular one IYSWIM. Sometimes a couple of nights or more in a row.

Is it something I should mention when I have more PCOS tests done or is it, probably, irrelevant? Or pretty normal? I'm 32. Fingers crossed it's not some kind of terrifying early menopause!!

MrsTittleMouse Wed 24-Jun-09 10:31:30

There's no harm in mentioning it when you see the gynae. It really is probably absolutely nothing to worry about though - I sweat at night sometimes and I have two children and a regular cycle (that I'm actually quite hmm about as I'm breastfeeding - I'm not supposed to have to deal with periods right now!). If you really are that concerned about your age - and you have been mentioning it a lot on your posts - then I would seriously reconsider your TTC timetable. There is every chance that you will be able to get pregnant, whether you have PCOS or not. But there have been a lot of threads on here about TTC later in life, and the dips in fertility that happen even before 40. Life has a habit of zooming by and if you want children there usually isn't a better time than now to start. It took me 3 years to have DD1, we were very lucky to have her at all, and it meant that I was much older than I would have liked to TTC DD2. We are grateful every day for them, as we knew that the odds were against us.

Joolsiam Wed 24-Jun-09 10:36:11

I get this for a couple of nights around about ovulation, pretty much every cycle. People who are temping confirm ovulation by looking for 3 days of raised temperatures, so it all sounds pretty normal - no harm in mentioning it though

The only times I have the night sweats for more than 3 times in a row, I have been PG

Joolsiam Wed 24-Jun-09 10:37:30

Oh, and I am 39 and stressing about menopause - still trying for my first, but no age-related fertility issues - just mc issues

emeraldgirl1 Wed 24-Jun-09 10:48:48

Mrstittlemouse - thanks and you're not far wrong that my age is beginning to weigh on my mind!! It's not that I think I'm already pushing it at 32 it's simply that I don't necessarily see myself being any more 'ready' a couple of years down the line, so I stress about my age a lot because I think there is a part of me that kind of knows I can't keep claiming I'm too young to start a family forever...

I think I said on another post y'day that because I don't feel at all mentally ready, I'm focussing insanely hard on getting physically ready in some kind of attempt to kick-start my brain... hmm

It is hard though as I'm constantly torn between knowing how much I love my life at the moment and seeing how much kids change your life (many of my friends have kids now). I think I said y'day that I'm a major control freak and this is what is preventing me from throwing away those condoms and just giving it a go!

Hugely appreciate everyone's advice!

emeraldgirl1 Wed 24-Jun-09 10:50:07

Oh, Joolsiam, sorry to hear about your MC issues, keep trying and I'm sure it will work out!

MrsTittleMouse Wed 24-Jun-09 10:57:29

If I were you I would start a Mumsnet Poll. I bet that most women on here either had accidental first pregnances, or did the "I'm not TTC but I'm not going to do much to prevent it" thing of completely avoiding making a decision, or were TTC but very scared about motherhood and the chances that it would cause in their lives. A few women always know that they want children and it's always been a big priority in their lives, but I bet it's the minority (and I bet that even they had their moments of doubt).

I had both my DDs with fertility treatment, which is about as decisive as you can get when TTC, and I was still very worried about the exhaustion and concerned about whether I would be good enough and how it would change our relationship. If you had a pregnancy scare right now and you tested, and the test was negative, how would you feel?

emeraldgirl1 Wed 24-Jun-09 11:05:33

Oh, darn you with your excellent questions!!

Honestly, I think if I were to have a scare right now followed by a negative result, i'd be relieved.

I/we have a very complicated on-going situation with my family and the amount of time I have spent carving out some independence and a great life for myself means that I have serious doubts about what in one sense I see as giving that up. Though I do know how very much wonderfulness (if that's a word) children bring to your life - I adore my nephew so much that I can see ho having one of your own must be incredible.

Plus DH is currently not in work (thanks, credit crunch) so financial considerations weigh on my mind a lot.

Plus I love my job and have just reached a point I've been working towards for years, of finally getting somewhere. Scared to hop off, albeit temporarily.

I suppose I just can't believe I've reached my age and still not got everything 'sorted' wink. When I look back to my late twenties I was always telling myself I'd be in the right place to TTC at 30, 31... you're right that time slips by.

It's nice to hear your story and to know that you got the DCs you wanted so much and deserved!

RunLyraRun Wed 24-Jun-09 11:21:28

Hey Emerald, I don't get the feeling that you are quite as pathological as me and Winnie, but nevertheless would refer you to our thread here. I'm still terrified, but it helped me a lot.

It sounds like you HAVE got a lot of things "sorted" - partner, career, and a way of at least managing your family situation - if you weren't fairly sorted, you'd probably be looking for a way to get out of your job etc., rather than worrying about what you're giving up! Conversely, if you wait for EVERYTHING to be perfect, you know you'll wait forever.

Much as I love my life now, and I really do, I don't want it to be exactly the same in 10 years time. Do you?

emeraldgirl1 Wed 24-Jun-09 11:34:43

Oh, RunLyraRun... I fear that I am indeed just as pathological as you and Winnie!!

I love your short list of 7 point and your long list of 25!!

I've only had a quick glance over the thread, and mostly at your and Winnie's (I feel excellently-made!) points, but when I have a mo (in this wonderful, perfect, kid-free life of mine that i'm always banging on about! I will sit down and read all the responses.

I do kind of get that the idea of just leaving it all up to fate is probably a good one...

but your point (or Winnies?) about this being literally the ONLY life decision you can't go back on is very true.

thanks so much for directing me to that thread!!! You're a star.

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