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Puregon - anyone been on it?

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tetleytea Tue 23-Jun-09 11:33:43

Am supposed to be starting a course of injections of this soon, and trying to find out more about it before i sit down with the consultant. Just wondered if anyone else has taken it and how did you find it? Is it heavy-going/ lots of side effects? Is there a big risk of multiple pregnancy?

Thanks for any info re experiences

barbigirl Tue 23-Jun-09 12:45:02

I found puregon okay and it did the job- ie made more eggs than usual. Injections are heavy going but you get through it.

Clinics tend to be super careful about limiting the risks of multiple pregnancy. To the extent that if you react well to the drugs and produce too many eggs they can be know to cancel the cycle. That was something I wasn't aware of that threw me and I found upsetting the first time we tried it. (5 times in all- 6th time lucky).

In terms of side effects, I didn't have too many and like all fertility treatment, once it is sucessfull it all seems like a distant haze of vague annoyances rather than the agonising slog it actually was. Much much good luck.

tetleytea Wed 24-Jun-09 13:27:54

Thanks so much barbigirl. Have decided to leave it for another month as it does sound a bit scary and i want to read up a bit more about it first. Your info was really helpful. Really glad to hear it worked for you in the end. Do you mind me asking why you were given it? They haven't exactly diagnosed my "problem" yet - another reason why i don't want to start on it yet....

barbigirl Thu 25-Jun-09 11:09:56

Hello- I hope I haven't put you off. It's so tricky advising other people about fertillity treatment as everyone reacts differently and has such a different experience.

I am torn between saying 'go for it- you might get your result asap!' and saying 'don't get on the medical train before you're ready because once you're on ,it's hard to get off'.

I'm guessing it's a bit like childbirth and part of how difficult/ scary it all is is down to expectation. I think reading up is an excellent idea, but honestly honestly, it's not scary once you do it. Which I'm hoping is the same for childbirth (2 weeks to go!)

I was put on it for both IUI cycles (4) and for IVF cycles (2) which we had for 'unexplained infertility' over a period of 4 years.

Also- part of going on the drugs is diagnostic- so even if a cycle doesn't work, you are still moving forward because they're working out what's right for you via trial and error. So it sounds ghastly but even a failed cycle can help you get closer. Its all part of the journey.

But, like I say, it's easier for me to be philosophical about it after it finally worked. At the time it was much much harder. Courage is the thing. Once you find that part of yourself then it all becomes easier. Plus you have strengthened a part of your character that will be useful when you're a parent!

tetleytea Thu 25-Jun-09 14:16:14

Thanks for taking the time to reply! Really appreciate it. I think i'll go for it next month.

And good luck with the big event 2 weeks from now!

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