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poss silly question about folic acid...

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moulesfrites Tue 23-Jun-09 02:36:25

Can you take it at the same time as the pill, so that when you come off you will be ok to TTC straight away?

LadyOfWaffle Tue 23-Jun-09 02:41:57

I can't see why not

LadyOfWaffle Tue 23-Jun-09 02:45:31

Infact, just been googling and you should be taking folic acid anyway with the

Geocentric Tue 23-Jun-09 02:46:29

When I was ttc I was told to start folic acid 3 months before starting, so I don't see a problem. Or you can get it naturally in spinach, beans and others if you'd rather.

Geocentric Tue 23-Jun-09 02:48:06

Interesting link, LadyOfWaffle.

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