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tell me anyone please.......

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happyatlast Mon 22-Jun-09 11:58:14

ok, I am due on tomorrow. I have had unprotected sex from day 6 of my period right through to day 18. I am obviously trying for a baby!

The first sign I got was on Day 22 of my cycle I got spotting. I said to my dp god my periods starting a bit early, its usually 28 days. Anyway I got browny blood and cramping for about 2 days then it stopped. I am now on day 27, have had no blood for the last 2 and a half day, I am tired, slobbering so much I woke in the night to wipe my mouth and it dribbled through my fingers! I have a funny taste in my mouth which I always get when I am pregnant, but I also have a dodgy tooth which has been causing a funny taste in my mouth so I am not reading too much into the taste thing, but for the past 2 days I have been getting heartburn, am out of breath when I talk for too long, I feel hot all the time, and am dizzy alot usually when at work, getting up and down quickly.

Anyway, what do you think? And please no disrespect dont say best thing to do is to get a test cos obviously I know that and I will be doing that but you know what its like, it drives you nuts.

I think I am cos if I am this will be the 6th time I've been pregnant but sometimes your body can play tricks on you cant it!!

Thanks all of you who reply!!

Goober Mon 22-Jun-09 12:07:34


Sit on your hands for a couple of days.

happyatlast Mon 22-Jun-09 12:08:28

I cant, I've gotta go to work! I work in the co op so I need my hands!

Goober Mon 22-Jun-09 12:10:18

You know what I mean!

Distract yourself for a couple of days.

makingdotoo Mon 22-Jun-09 12:10:54

I am 5 weeks preg at the moment, and your story is just the same as mine. I think it was 4 days before af was due, there was some brown spotting stuff going on, and i was certain Af had started. it was jsut implantation though. I was feel sick already, shattered and very fleeting pains in boobs too. I tested and got a bfp. Very best of luck to you

happyatlast Mon 22-Jun-09 21:26:37

Did a test when I got back from work. A cheap one that you take on the day you are due your period and it came back positive, as clear as anything two pink lines straight away so there you go, I am pregnant for the 6th time!

ThePhantomPlopper Mon 22-Jun-09 21:40:59

Congratulations. smile.

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