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Being tested for PCOS - any one else been through similiar? I also suffer with rosacea...

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HellsNB Fri 19-Jun-09 14:22:20


I just want to explain my situation and see if anyone is in or has been in a similar situation??? Any replies would be most appreciated :-)

I took the pill from age 18 and stopped last August when I reached 30 with the intention to give my body the chance to get back to normal before trying for a baby.

Since August I have had periods but my cycle has been getting longer and longer, I am now up to approx 45/55 days between periods.

The last six months or so I have started to suffer with a constantly red and spoty nose and cheeks. I have self diagnosed early rosacea from trawling the web and a consultation with a Clinique consultant.

I went to the Dr last week to discuss my cycle expecting some reassurance but instead I have been referred for tests.

I had a blood test on Wednesday, the form had 4 different codes on which I wish I had written down now so I could research what exactly they are testing for!

I have an ultrasound appointment on 4th July.

My Dr suggested PCOS and I am grateful I am being checked out so quickly but it is a worry. I goggled PCOS and Rosacea wondering if there might be a link and found this website. I think I will be visiting often!

I am 31 in August and ALL my friends are either pregnant and/or have babies.

Hope to get some replies with peoples experiences and thoughts on my case...

Thanks all x

MaryMotherOfGod Fri 19-Jun-09 19:34:07

just bumping your thread for you

HellsNB Fri 19-Jun-09 19:40:03

Thank you!

HellsNB Mon 22-Jun-09 12:58:08

I have to telephone for my blood test results at 2pm... feeling anxious now...

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