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Am I ovulating?

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Josie22 Thu 18-Jun-09 10:02:58

Right, so am temping at the moment and haven't peaked yet. Noticed some ewcm over the last few days so have been bd as know this is a sign of ov (though missed last night as just too knackered!). However, last night and this morning have noticed I have very sore boobs, like I would normally get before my af arrives. Also feeling very emotional (though possibly due to stress of job at the moment). Cried three times in last two days and just feeling very down in the dumps but not really sure why. Feel like I am in the grip of pmt - could these be signs of ovulation?

Also, have been having light cramps starting yesterday (from a previous posting I have been advised to go to docs in case these mid cycle cramps are endometriosis which I am doing tomorrow).

Stigaloid Thu 18-Jun-09 10:19:02

I always take EWCM as signs of ovulating more than temp peaks as when i charted i got no where. Good luck

Josie22 Fri 19-Jun-09 10:43:48

Thanks stigaloid. Am charting really just to make sure/see that I am ovulating, its not the easiest to work out though is it. Just found it strange that have very sore boobs at the mo and very emotional and was wondering if this was a sign of ovulation too? Still bding like mad anyway!!!

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