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Exercising Whilst TTC - First-Timer, So Would Value Some Experienced Advice!

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Scorpette Thu 18-Jun-09 00:52:17

Hi! I'm new, but have been loving reading other threads and seeing what a great community there is here, so I'm hoping I can become part of it and get some good advice too

Anyway, here's my question: Me and my DP are going to start TTC at the end of July (long holiday - perfect excuse for lots of lazy baby-making fun). This will be the first time either of us have TTC and I've been reading lots of stuff about optimising our chances as I am 36 (although DP is 27, so young sperm, hehe). Some people say you should avoid doing any strenuous exercise when trying to TTC whilst others say it's vital for overall health. I work out 3 times a week - each session consists of 1 hour cardio, 20 mins weights, 15 mins powerplate and 15 mins abs. Obviously, I'll stop the powerplate sessions, but I'm concerned about the other stuff: I'm not one of those people who goes mental when doing cardio, as I have mild asthma and am recovering from Chronic Fatigue, but it's still 3 hours a week of hard exercise plus working on the tum muscles (I presume light weight-training is okay as it doesn't affect pelvic or stomach muscles, etc). I usually use an Adaptive Motion Trainer, which cushions the impact on joints and limbs, etc. Incidentally, neither of us smokes or drinks, I hate coffee, neither of has ever had an STD, there's no history of fertility probs in either family - indeed, everyone is ridiculously fecund on both sides and my Gran had my Mum when she was nearly 41, which is a good genetic omen, I think. Also, my cycle is regular and I can tell when I'm ovulating (become raging horn-beast!), so I think that the odds are good in general for me.

What have other people done about their exercise routines whilst TTC? I love going to the gym and maintaining a good weight/shape, but getting pregnant is far more important than those, of course! Is working out a bad idea when TTC or when in the first few months of pregnancy or is it fine? Should I keep doing some stuff but cut out or cut down on other things? Should I do different things? Am I worrying over nothing? My Doctor is useless about this issue. I would've thought that exercise was good for TTC, but am confused - prolly my fault for reading too much before we've even started going for it!

All advice and thoughts gratefully received... and sorry if I've written too much! Thanks in advance grin

Ozziegirly Thu 18-Jun-09 08:02:09

As far as I know (from a fellow first time TTCer) as long as you're not doing crazy levels of exercise, athlete style, and you are having periods, you should be ok.

It's over exercising to a level where you don't menstruate and having a really low level of body fat that's the problem I think.

Exercising quite hard 3 times a week doesn't seem desperately over the top.

I'm exercising as normal whilst TTC - running 5k 3 times a week and doing 2-3 weights sessions. The only changes I have made are taking folic acid actually.

of course I may come back with a different story if it takes ages to fall pregnant.

Good luck with TTC!

Ozziegirly Thu 18-Jun-09 08:05:26

Oh and as for when you're actually pregnant - I seem to recall it's ok to do whatever you feel up to - friends of mine have said they just didn't feel at all like doing any exercise in the first 3 months or so and then did light running, swimming, yoga etc in the next 3 months and then just swimming/walking/yoga towards the end.

Trixel Thu 18-Jun-09 08:41:24

Hi scorpette, the advice i've always been given is that so long as you are already fit (as you are) it's okay to continue with your regime throughout ttc and pregnancy. it's more of a problem if people think, oooh i'm pregnant, better get fit.
lay off the tummy exercises, certainly in the 2ww ie: after you've ovulated and before you know if you've caught on or not - this is because your tummy muscles stretch in strange ways when pregnant and you don't want to put more strain on them. also there is some evidence that it can cut oxygen supply down to the baby, but that is generally later on. best to abstain during 2ww and then onwards when you do get your BFP.
regarding cardio - don't know if you use a heart rate monitor, but even if you just put your hands on the inbuilt ones every now and again, you shouldnt let your heartrate go over about 140. so again, watch that in the 2ww and then on into pregnancy.
general rule of thumb is not to let yourself get too hot, so watching the heart rate, and making sure that you're in cool enough clothes, air con environments to work out in etc.
all of this really applies to early stages of pregnancy - so would be useful to do when there is a possibility you are pregnant ie: after ov & before BFP, in that 2 week wait, and then on into the pregnancy.
whilst ttc, ie: in 1st 2wks, just carry on as you are - it's good for you, and makes you happy which is crucial!! HTH x

Scorpette Thu 18-Jun-09 12:40:51

Thanks Guys, some good practical advice there. It makes sense to be more moderate re: raising my heart rate and lay off the abs work (although god knows I need it!) for the 2 weeks after ovulation, in case I've got lucky. I can get up to 185, so I'll watch out for that. The overheating thing is an interesting issue - the air-con has been broken at my gym for about a month and they don't seem to be fixing it and it gets unbearably hot and sticky. Think I'll hassle them, 'cos it's not right, whether someone's preg or not!

Just need to increase how much I do the best exercise of all now - TTC! wink

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