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Endometriosis - chances of viable pregnancy

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Maybebaby76 Thu 11-Jun-09 13:18:08

As always, I am looking for some advice.

Brief history - 2 early mc's and an ectopic in the last 13 months. During the ectopic removal it was discovered I had endometriosis.

The hospital and staff have all been very supportive and I have had a follow up appointment with the consultant already. Their advice was that the endometriosis does not appear to be severe and that the last 13 months have just been 'bad luck'.

I have accepted this so many times and whilst still remaining hopeful I was wondering what chances I had of carrying a pregnancy full term?

Of course nobody can know this but I assumed that I would at least have an operation to rule out a possible cause of these recurrent miscarriages? Should I just follow their advice and keep on trying or ask for another opinion??

Sorry to bombard you, just so confused! Yikes, he hee!

tvfriend Thu 11-Jun-09 14:59:06

I may be completely wrong but I don't think that the endometrisis caused the MCs. It is probably just really bad luck. The endometriosis is more likely to cause problems getting pg in the first place and you don't seem to have a problem doing that. I had an operation to remove the endometriosis because I couldn't get pg. It worked, have 2 DC now grin but it was severe.
I think they usually wait till 3 MC to do tests??
I think you should try and feel really poitive that you have got pg 3 times. There's every reason that next time should be the one! Lots of people have 2 MC then go on to have a baby and several friends have had ectopics and then healthy pregnancies.
Very best of luck.

TheMadHouse Thu 11-Jun-09 15:08:07

I too had endrometiosis, which made getting pregnant difficult. I also had complaitions with miscarriages, but that being said.................

I went on to have two very beautiful boys within 15 months of each other and never suffered again.

I have had two lots of lazer surgery, 1 cource of Zoladex and also ran my pills continuously for 6 packets without a bleed.

Maybebaby76 Thu 11-Jun-09 15:57:55

We are very lucky to have become pregnant, I know that endometriosis can make this very difficult and I can't imagine how that must feel.

I had just latched on to something I read on the internet which linked endo with mc's. Even though this is rare, the idea of finding a reason for all this bad luck was just a comfort!

Thank you for sharing your happy endings! grin

TheMadHouse Thu 11-Jun-09 16:02:19

It was never discussed that my M/C's could have been as a result of the endo. I lost twins at 20 weeks, had a molar preggnancy and then lost again at 6 and 12 weeks.

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