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Ebay cheapies hpt....

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Happyhappyhappy Thu 11-Jun-09 10:06:38

Was just wondering if anyone could tell me there experience with ebay hpt's, i am due af today/tommorow have done a ebay cheapie claming to be 10miu and a bfn was wondering if they are actually as sensitive as they say? Just hoping there is a glimmer of hope!!

VJaybigpants Thu 11-Jun-09 10:10:36

I didn't get any off ebay but got some from babymad, and they worked fine, they were a little faint, but definatley showed a BFP grin

Katnkittens Thu 11-Jun-09 13:01:51

Not sure about the sensitivity, I have 2 types the 10miu and the 25miu and when I got a BFP they were both the same and very faint although I did have a m/c a week later so they might be stronger for a viable pregnancy. i'm hoping to find out very soon!

They are great for satisfying a POAS addiction and for me usually AF arrives on the dot but I like to POAS the few days leading up to it as I'm a bit of a sadist...

If AF doesn't arrive I'd do a CB or something jsut to be sure.

Good luck


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