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Day 20 hormone tests

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pecanpie Tue 09-Jun-09 13:25:07


After 2 mmc's my periods haven't returned to normal. I've been to see my gynae and a scan indicates that I'm not ovulating and that the lining of my uterus hasn't thickened up yet...

Meanwhile, my GP has agreed to get some blood tests done for me. I went this morning and have been tested for progesternoe, prolactin, oestradid and thyroid.

Please can someone tell me what would be good/bad results for each and what the next steps would be.

Also, my gynae has given me a prescription for Clomid - should I not use it if I get bad results from any of the hormone tests or is it irrelevant?


pecanpie Tue 09-Jun-09 13:33:59

oops - i meant oestradiol

pecanpie Wed 10-Jun-09 08:43:34

Can anybody give me any guidance so that I will understand the results when I see the doctor?

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