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Spotting day 8/9 - any advice ladies?

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floweringcurrant Sat 06-Jun-09 09:56:58

Can anyone give me some advice please?
I am on day 9 of regular 27 day cycle. AF was over and done with by day 5 and then last night, day 8, I had a twinge in left ovary and some spotting - pale pink with a few tiny clots. This morning just a little pink spotting but heavy feeling in uterus.
I had a natural missed miscarriage at 11 weeks 2 months ago but luckily cycle came back in just over 4 weeks and have now had two regular AF since. I am approaching my fertile days (ovulated day 13 in last cycle)and so looking forwad to trying again. I am just a bit worried by this as I have never had any type of mid cycle bleeding before ( except when I fell pregnant and I had the implantation bleed), what could it mean anyone?

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 06-Jun-09 10:29:46

Any spotting should be checked out medically to establish the cause. I would talk with your GP.

floweringcurrant Sat 06-Jun-09 10:57:50

Thanks Attila sound advice, will do so - I wondered if in your opinion it could be ovulation spotting?

Divvy Sat 06-Jun-09 12:34:40

I had spotting on the cycle I feel with dd4, it tied in with positive ovulaton sticks too. Maybe you are ovulating a few days early for some reason this month. If you are trying for a baby, I would cover it with the deed today wink

floweringcurrant Sat 06-Jun-09 12:57:42

Thanks Divvy I guess strange things happen to your cycle after miscarriage. so am off out to buy an OPK. Though I'll be cross if its + as DP not back until Monday.
As youve gathered I was preg, would love to be again. Are you also TTC?

Divvy Sat 06-Jun-09 13:38:43

Yes, we are ttc#6. I was pregnant last month, but af came 4 days after positive preg test. I have another thread where I have just said that I ovulated on cd7, so days after mc(although very early, not like yours was xx) Yes our bodies are very strange and wonderful things smile

How long has your dp been away? Maybe you covered it before he went if its only the weekend.

floweringcurrant Sat 06-Jun-09 16:35:22

no. 6 - how wonderful! But sounds like youve been through a roller coaster in the last month. Are you feeling back to normal yet?
dp left friday and we managed to dtd on thursday so you never know... however just done OPK and was negative. Will keep on doing those now to see is get a +.

Divvy Sat 06-Jun-09 20:33:59

..but it will be neg if you already have oved this month, which is good as you will have covered it thursday! wink

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