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Due Tomorrow and have just found spotting

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LEMONADEGIRL Fri 05-Jun-09 16:44:28

Been ttc number 2 for a 3 mths now. Just been to the toliet and found spotting. Have low down cramping feelings and just knoe it as AF and not pregnant.

Am feeling so upset as was trying not to get hopes up as having been feeling odd and slightly sickfor two days.

I know I am blessed as have on adorable DS already. However did not want to have too big an age gap as he is 2.8 mths. Plus two friends are now expecting number 2, not that it is a competition.

Has any one else had problems getting a second. I was 29 with first and now 32. Surely 3 years cannot make a such a huge difference as fell pregnant first time last time.

Sorry to moan just feeling bit sad

LEMONADEGIRL Fri 05-Jun-09 16:45:10

excuse spelling have ds on my lap smile

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