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40 - am I or aren't I?

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JBD6971 Fri 05-Jun-09 13:25:24

first time posting here but am desparate to hear from people in the same position. been tryng for a while now but really thought we had succeeded this month. I was so adamant as I normally have spotting a week or more before i'm due on but this month had nothing. I am due my period either Sun or Mon and now this morning I have had some spotting. From what I have read this is too late for implantation spotting so am assuming it is the start of my period. Of course have already done 2 early tests and they were completely negative. Would just love to chat to someone in the same position. The only other symptoms I could say I really have are ocassional pinching feeling in lower abdomen, tiredness, forgetfulness and slightly moody/teary. But to be honest I'm so stressed out, I'm not suprised. Anyone else out there?

skihorse Fri 05-Jun-09 13:26:53

No, it's not too late for implantation spotting. Good luck!

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