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Anyone else want to join me in a symptom spotting extravaganza?!

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Josie22 Thu 04-Jun-09 13:08:02

So af due on Sunday and am currently doing my own head in with my symptom spotting. Thought I needed to get them out there and share (trying not to bore dh with them this month as I think he already suspects that I am losing the plot over ttc!!)

So symptoms are:

sore boobs
cramping/bubbling feeling in uterus for last week (not af as lighter/less dull ache more tingly)
occasional funny taste in mouth
very slight feelings of nausea (could be related to me getting all hyped that I might be pg!!)
Feeling I need to wee about every half hour - particularly embarassing as am at work blush

Anyone else care to share theirs?

clothaddict Thu 04-Jun-09 15:49:10

Ooh I am the same af due Sunday too.

So far I've convinced myself with nausea waves (although they have died down a bit now), cramps a week ago, dizzy feeling, weeing a lot more, kind of heavy feeling in uterus. I've convinced myself it felt the same as when pg before (I have a 13 month old).

Are you going to test? I'm going to try to resist. I am away on sat-mon so if no af will test tue if af is late by then.

Altho really not getting hopes up (yeh right). I had convinced myself before ttc #1 that felt really sick.

Good luck!!

Josie22 Thu 04-Jun-09 20:37:51

Hi clothaddict - your symptoms sound promising - will keep fingers well and truly crossed for you!

I am in admiration that you are going to hold off testing until Tuesday - I wish I had your patience! I am away as well from Sat to Mon night so thought I would crack open a first response on Sat morning. I don't normally test as generally af isn't late enough for me to bother but I have a rather full on weekend so figure at least if its negative I can have a glass of wine!

Good luck to you

Josie22 Fri 05-Jun-09 10:11:12

Right, am trying to convince myself that af is not coming despite the fact I spotted (tmi ahead!!) pink cm this morning but could be implantation spotting because I normally get brownish stuff but who am I trying to kid??! (errr myself obviously) and the fact that the cramps seem to be slightly more like af cramps then yesterday. Ahhhh wish I could just disconnect the ttc switch in my brain so that it isn't all that I think about!!!!! Until then will have to make do with writing it all down on mn grin

Doctorskidaddle Fri 05-Jun-09 10:23:21

AF not due for another week but feel like I am already getting symptoms - last night was so exhausted I went to bed at 7pm and slept through until this morning. Plus feeling weepy and boobs feels a bit funny - has anyone ever had symptoms this early?

Good luck both josie and clothaddict with testing - am also impressed with your waiting josie!

MuppetsMuggle Fri 05-Jun-09 10:35:54

Hey Ladies,

Just a quick question. my cycle is 28 days everymonth.
AF arrived 27 May, stayed for approx 2days. i've been feeling incredibly tired & hormonal, hardly slept last night due to heartburn & DP snoring so loudly. woke up this morning with really bad sickness and nausea and still soo tired.

TMI Alert - we generally use condoms, don't always have intercourse so don't always use a condom.

what do you think?

tothesea Fri 05-Jun-09 10:39:04

AF due on Sunday and had brown spotting yesterday, also too many PMT symptoms to discount - shouting at the telly, dropping and bumping into things, feeling subdued sad

last month had sore boobs AND bad taste in mouth and was convinced pregnancy symptoms but nooooooooooooooooo.

Josie22 Fri 05-Jun-09 15:07:52

Muppetsmuggle - could just be hormones going a bit awol (mine do that occasionally - are you stressed about something at the moment because that can really affect my cycle?) but the only way to know for sure is to test. Good luck and hope you get the result you are looking for!

Tothesea - Sorry you are feeling subdued, it's gutting when you know af is on her way. Still until she actually turns up then you never know...

Doctorskiddale - this isn't from experience (as have never been pg (yet anyway!!)) but have definitely read that some woman have symptoms pretty much straight away so fingers crossed.

clothaddict Fri 05-Jun-09 15:21:23

Josie good luck and hope that wasn't af. Well hey me being all confident about not testing! I tested!! Sorry. It was BFN though and I totally kicked myself for giving in. I'm not going to be able easily to test again til Tue which is just as well.

Spent today now convincing self that symptoms are just af now. But did get big nausea wave today again so who knows. Aaaagh I hate this. I can't remember when I tested the time I got pg before, I think it was day period due and it was a faint line, so hoping that if pg there are not enough hormones yet to show up.

Good luck everyone xxxx

MuppetsMuggle Fri 05-Jun-09 15:25:10

Josie - nope I thought that last week but am fine, not too stressed about anything.

Josie22 Tue 09-Jun-09 10:53:03

Morning fellow symptom spotters. Been offline for few days... So Sat. I took a hpt and bfn then about 1 hour later af arrived so that's that for this month. So all the symptoms I had were all in my head I guess!

Any news from anyone else???

nictorina Tue 09-Jun-09 23:57:00

Hi everyone! Me and my boyfriend have used the withdrawal method through out our relationship. Perhaps a little bit silly, but I can't have the pill (both me and my mum suffer from stroke like symptoms and body goes numb when we do, plus various other awful size effects), the doctor said I wasn't suitable for the coil as I haven't been pregnant before and condoms can sometimes kill the moment wink.

Anyway, we both feel ready to begin trying for a baby and so have been a little lax during the last month. I'm not due until next Thursday, but have been SO hormonal today and mood swings galore - which is not like me 9 days before period, normally I'm a horror on the day period comes! - and have had cramping for a few days, hunger, nausea and a general 'different' feeling. Is it possible to feel anything this early do you think?? Or am I just wishful thinking? blush

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