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calling flumpette!!, need some answers

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bubbly1973 Sun 08-May-05 21:06:27


how you feeling?

need you your help, could you try to remember the following pleaseeeeee

when you were in the 2 week wait, when did you feel something happening?

when did you feel your first twinge?
did you feel any twinges?
what was your moods like? were you tearful? when were you tearful?
did you get sore breasts? if so when?

sorry for all the questions, i dont have any of the above symptons, im only on day 3 of waiting

hope you can answer my questions

chiplet Sun 08-May-05 21:09:22

Good question!
I'm on day 9 and would like to know too!

Rachey1969 Mon 09-May-05 12:15:29

Hi there, I'm not Flumpette but I have been pregnant a few times, including now! I always find the first symptoms for me personally are sore boobs- nipples especially and I have noticed blue veins all over my boobs, chest and shoulders before I missed my period. To be honest the symptoms of pg are so similar to being pre-menstrual ie twinges etc that it is difficult to tell. After a missed period I've had peeing constantly, tiredness and tearfulness. Nausea etc doesn't kick in for me until about 7-8 wks. Good luck to you both!

bubbly1973 Mon 09-May-05 18:48:35

chiplet, good luck and i hope we both get a bfp after this long 2ww!!

rachey, thanks for your post, did you conceive naturally or by ivf or iui?

the reason i was hoping flumpette would be able to answer my questions is because she had ivf done and probably took pessaries in the two week wait, im on them now and wanted to compare

if anyone else who is on pessaries on there 2ww see this and got a bfp can post there symptons that would be great thanks

bubbly1973 Mon 09-May-05 18:49:02

rachey...congratulations on your pregnancy by the way!!

lilsmum Mon 09-May-05 19:11:00

i can help, as very frsh in my mind lol, got a BFP today after no arrival of AF yesterday,

i woke up with a horrific headache on sat morn (dont know if that is to do with pg)

tingling boobs also sore from about 3 days ago thats all.

had period pain cramp yesterday (when AF was due), and a few different feeling niggles today

tiredness, and feeling a little queasy

havent felt tearful or anything like that, just very !!!!

chiplet Mon 09-May-05 19:56:38

Congratulations lilsmum and Rachey. Must be so great to get a BFP.
What is AF? I get the idea just not sure what it stands for.
last week wasn't so bad but this is already the longest week ever. Not helped that sister, both sisters-in-law and best friend all pregnant. Am not sure what I'll do if this doesn't work
Best of luck Bubbly - my fingers and toes are all crossed for both of us.

lilsmum Mon 09-May-05 20:01:10

AF = auntie flow i.e period x

Flumpette Mon 09-May-05 20:32:40

Hi Bubbly. Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. I know so well how you are feeling and it's torture.

From day 1 I had lots of twinges which were a mixture of the soreness from EC (Dr said he'd had spent quite a bit of time poking around in two of the smaller follicles) plus the Cyclogest pessaries taking shape I assume. I guess some of it may have been due to BFP.

On this cycle I didn't worry that every twinge was my AF (on the first cycle I was worried sick as I didn't know that AF pains can be the same as early pregnancy pains).

My boobs haven't been doing much, just the odd tingle.

In fact, now day 17 after ET apart from having a very bloated abdomen (which is definitely the cyclogest), I don't feel anything which is slightly worrying me as I thought I might feel pregnant.

You may be stronger than me but as you know I just couldn't wait to test on day 14.

I'll keep looking at this thread and supporting you as much as I can.

Hope I covered everything.

Oh, and I was very tempremental and 'snappy' but to be honest once I got the BFP I ditched the mood, so I can't really put that down to drugs.

I have read other websites during my 2ww and everybody experiences such different symptoms and some have none, but I won't say so don't worry because it's impossible not to.

Let me know how you are. Flumpette x

Rachey1969 Tue 10-May-05 09:56:13

Thanks for the congratulations, hope you are due for some soon as well! I've conceived naturally, hope all goes well for you both.

bubbly1973 Tue 10-May-05 18:42:28

flumpette, thanks for letting me know all your symptons and when you had them

i know i know, everyones different, but try telling that to a hormonal bitch who wants to know yesterday!! not next week!

thanks again, i read on your other thread that you dont feel pregnant....when i had my iui last time and got pg with my ds, i had all the symptons before knowing my results, but after that absolutely sore boobs, no sickness, no nothing, not a zilch! so dont worry too much hun

chiplet Wed 11-May-05 19:24:26

No luck for me this time. AF came to visit this morning.
I didn't think I'd be able to get past it but it's amazing what you can do when you need to like persuade yourself it's for the best (how???)
Have already made an out of hours trip to the hospital to sign up for the next course of treatment but won't be until September - the earliest date available.
Bubbly - all my fingers and toes crossed for luck - I hope that it works for you.

bubbly1973 Wed 11-May-05 20:18:54

oh no chiplet, im so so sorry that af turned up

Flumpette Wed 11-May-05 21:27:44

Chiplet. Amazed at your strength and positivity. I sincerely hope that September's is successful. Flumpette x

Bubbly - day 6 - double the time since your first post on this thread. No doubt it seems like forever for you. Will keep my eyes peeled for your update. x

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