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anyone else waiting until the end of the week to do HPT?

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CakeandFineWine Sun 31-May-09 20:59:21


I'm currently trying very hard to wait until Thursday to do my lovely shiny clearblue digital pregnancy test,
With DH on nights it keeps calling me, honestly I can hear it now wink
But No must resist,

Anyone else out there need support with retaining pee from HPT sticks??

CakeandFineWine Sun 31-May-09 21:11:45

obviously not sad

I get the hint {{sniff}}{{sniff}}

bessie26 Thu 18-Jun-09 22:19:28

hehehe - did you wait?

When I was suffering from irregular periods before conceiving DD1 I used to do a HPT every friday morning... just to check I could have a guilt-free glass (or two) of wine that evening wink

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