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first period after stopping the pill

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tostaky Sun 31-May-09 15:00:02

How long did you wait for it?

It has been 9 days and still no ovulation in sight (opk negative)....

CakeandFineWine Sun 31-May-09 21:19:46

Ages the first month of coming off the pill I ovulated at 3 weeks!!!!!
But I'd been on it for ages and have always had irregular periods so I guess everyone's different!

feedthegoat Sun 31-May-09 21:21:47

Asolutely no idea when I ovulated but my first period was over 6 weeks.

Ozziegirly Mon 01-Jun-09 02:21:36

I had my period withdrawal bleed on the 7th May and stopped taking it that day and I don't think I ovulated this month. Period is due on this week though - my first real period in 16 years so i'll be amazed if it turns up!

People seem to say it takes 3 months or so to get back to normal though.

tostaky Mon 01-Jun-09 07:50:09

I don't want to wait three months!!! I want to be pregnant NOW! envy

bubblagirl Mon 01-Jun-09 08:05:31

i was pregnant after a month of coming off pill all bodies are different some can take up to as much as 18mths some sooner try not to panic your self and relax it will happen

mangolassi Mon 01-Jun-09 08:18:15

pmsl at don't want to wait 3 months You could be lucky I suppose, I hope it happens soon for you.

I conceived almost a year after stopping the pill, had only 3 or 4 periods in that time. Doesn't mean anything's wrong, it just takes a while...

(oh, and keep taking the tests, I 'gave up' mentally and didn't realise I was pg for months. Oops)

Ozziegirly Mon 01-Jun-09 08:20:43

As I understand it it's different for everyone. I have no idea if I have been "masking" some dreadful symptoms over the last 16 years, and it will take months or years, or in fact if I will ever be able to conceive.

Equally, it may all go back to normal next week.

I hope it works quickly for you though!

VeryAnnieMary Mon 01-Jun-09 09:33:52

Hi there - understand your frustration but, deep breaths, stress doesn't help conception (allegedly). I came off pill on 31/12/09 and have had 3 periods since then, my cycles are apparently really long (range from 37 to 49 days!) Hope you get what you want soon, but don't panic if you don't, all is not lost.

Cosmosis Mon 01-Jun-09 10:50:34

different people take different amounts of time. I know loads of people who got pregnant 1st month off the pill. I came off it on boxing day and have only had 1 period since then, so am taking a while to get it out of my system. Hopefully you will be luckier than me.

ray22 Sun 21-Jun-09 14:39:47

hey...i'm in the same boat its VERY frustrating. came off the pill beginning of feb 09 and had withdrawal bleed...then didnt have normal period until 15th may!! this months was due 10 days ago..i took a test 7 days ago but was negative soo annoying as most people i know have conceived straight away!! does any1 know how long i should wait to take another test??

sonsmum Sun 21-Jun-09 16:00:51

hi - for me it took 4 months before i had an AF and then the cycle ranged from approx 29 to approx 58 days.....
always amazes me how some people could get preggers through missing just one dose of the pill! i think there will be so many different experiences/opinions to your question.....

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