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TMI - only those willing to get gorey should go any further!! :)

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islandlassie Sat 30-May-09 12:53:36


Strange period this month!

Not TTC but did have a couple of erm... over excited moments where my husband didnt exactly pull out in good timing.

So I'm mid week and i get light pink in my discharge - this has never happened before but i only had my son 8 months ago so shrugged it off but following day i have brown in it - next day brown again then a bit of red.... hmm.. not loads only a dash.

My period kinda came on yesterday - by kinda i mean there was brown like i would normally have a the end of a period so thought i would get a real "gush" through the night as this is how i normally start. Today however i seem to have barely any brown left but no blood, but feel "period timey" iykwim. Big boobs, sensitive, emotional, sensitive womb, tired etc etc

So what has happened..

I couldnt be......

Could i????

We were intending delaying TTC #2 til next year....


Thankyou in advance!


engelbart Sat 30-May-09 14:30:52

Take a test! The only way you'll know for sure and get peace of mind smile

Kaylo Sun 31-May-09 17:01:50

Sounds like it could be a BFP!!

To really know you're gonna have to take a test chick

Hope it isn't too bad for you if it's a + result xxx

islandlassie Mon 01-Jun-09 00:10:28

Ok so more blood now so thats a BFN!!

I was actually starting to like the idea.... bit gutted now really...

Kaylo Mon 01-Jun-09 09:44:46

Oh islandlassie

I'm gutted for you...surprising how quickly it gets hold of you isn't it?

Big Hugs hun, try to keep smiling

islandlassie Mon 01-Jun-09 10:29:14

ok just to whine a bit more!

Whats going on? I went to the toilet and wipped and had blood so posted that last message but after didnt seem to get much. I seem to have enough to get blood on tissue when i wipe but not enough to get any on my sanitary towel!

Confused and feeling fragile :'(

islandlassie Mon 01-Jun-09 10:30:06


Thanks Kaylo

oopsacoconut Mon 01-Jun-09 10:30:57

I think you need to buy a test . When I was pg with DD I spotted around the time AF was due.

Kaylo Mon 01-Jun-09 10:34:41

Blimey no wonder you're feeling delicate
That is a little confusing. Have you tested? It didn't happen when I was pregnant but I know loads of women who've said they bled a little bit whilst pregnant at around the time their period was due.

btw - you're welcome,

islandlassie Mon 01-Jun-09 10:39:30

DH thinks i am being silly because i am always a bit para about pregnancy around period time. He thinks he pulled out in time ( and that there is no way you can get pregnant with withdrawal method anyway.

I will give it another day i think (mainly because where i live you have an hour bus journey to get a test and i am not heading in town today)

It would confuse a lot in our lives right now if i was but.....
a little islandbaby brother or sister for islandBenjamin would be nice......

Kaylo Mon 01-Jun-09 11:24:44

Oh yes you can!!
Withdrawal method is prob the unsafest method of contraception - thats where my little girl came from blush
because we thought you couldn't either...

I don't think you're being silly at all, the symptoms you have are very typical of pregnancy so you are quite right to be questioning it.

I don't think there is ever a perfect time to have a baby, and usually when it seems perfect it takes aaaaaages to catch-on.

I hope everything goes well for you islandlassie I'm gonna be checking thread everyday now

Take Care Honey xxx

islandlassie Mon 01-Jun-09 13:44:31

Thanks Kaylo i will keep you updated!

abraid Mon 01-Jun-09 13:54:00

WHy are you using the withdrawal method if you don't want to have a baby right now?

It's completely unreliable.

islandlassie Mon 01-Jun-09 14:27:39

We arent using it as a method.

It was just a couple of over excited moments.

I just meant DH said it would be ok because withdrawal as a method is ok. I dont think it is and that is why we dont normally use it and use condoms, but these few times the condoms didnt exactly make it out of the packet in time blush

We would both be happy if it did happen but had agreed to leave it just now to make something else in our life a bit easier.

islandlassie Mon 01-Jun-09 14:29:54

sorry i wasnt very clear with that and not sure if what i just said made any sense

islandlassie Tue 02-Jun-09 13:39:31

BFN. Aunt Flo came round properly last night so whatever happened it wasnt a baby.

Nevermind. Cant wait til we can start trying for another one now though. Only 2 years to go ...

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