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Assisted conception (and the bits in between!) - part 3 - all welcome

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Caitni Wed 27-May-09 12:00:09

Right ladies, time for a new thread.

And a big welcome to everyone smile. Here's to many more success stories and healthy pregnancies!

Caitni Wed 27-May-09 12:17:03

Hope everyone finds the new home!

Sooty your doctor's right, those two embies are in the best place for them smile. I hope they burrow in nice and get nice and comfy! Funny that your body is still in spring mode when it's autumn in Australia...

EMZIB grin at your hormone levels! Sounds like things are going well with you...I know nothing about hormone levels but there's a good chance the nurse may be right wink.

Duplo I'm glad that the IUI went well on Monday, and that your MIL is being so practically helpful and supportive. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you won't need any of your BFN coping strategies (although I've also been thinking about how to cope with a BFN so I think your plans sound sensible). I was grin at your mysterious trips upstairs to inject! I've been pretty rubbish at keeping it entirely secret (my DH is right...I'm a bit of an over-sharer by nature!) as just talking to stoic DH would drive me bananas (even with the outlet of MN!). So I've told my younger sister (but not my older one), my Mum and my closest female friends. I figure if it works they'll all be thrilled and if it doesn't then I'll need them to know why I'm so upset iykwim.

Anyway, my "period" finally arrived today. One day late - typical, the one time I'm desperate for it to arrive it takes its time! So am off to meet with dildocam on Friday afternoon to see that downregging's all worked and hopefully be able to start my stims. I'm going to have to stay on sniffs the whole time I stim.

Hope everyone else is doing well smile

mowmi Wed 27-May-09 20:28:15

Way to go EMZIB - [GRIN]

Duplo - fingers crossed we're congratulating you on here in a couple of weeks time!

Caitni - good luck with the scan on Friday - it's such a rollercoaster isn't it?
I was just about to type - I love the dildocam! What I mean isn't dildocam a top nickname!

Lottie - not long to the scan now! I am so terrified about mine! I just keep imagining another empty sac sad

Hello everyone else x

londonlottie Wed 27-May-09 20:54:28

Message withdrawn

mowmi Wed 27-May-09 21:06:13

yeah, it's 5th - was thinking of moving it but will just have to ride it out - I can't bear weeks of wondering if it's viable again!

By the 5th it will be 5 weeks from conception (I'm dating myself 5+5 doc is dating me 6+1) so there should be a heartbeat and if there's not then we'll know there and then!

I must admit I feel more pregnant this time - boobs are really sore - last time only a bit sore. Last time my hcg rose really slowly - this time I went through the conception indicator in a week! More positive than last time but really worried too.

I'll be checking all day sat to see how you go - you have no reason to think it will be anything other than fine so please don't worry too much x

londonlottie Wed 27-May-09 22:26:05

Message withdrawn

Caitni Thu 28-May-09 11:45:01

Morning ladies smile

Lottie 7 weeks already - yay! And very impressed with your mineral water credit-crunch-tastic lunch smile. I'm happy to hear your friend has good news after what she's been through (always good to have yet more evidence that a healthy pregnancy is possible after awful experiences). I'll also be checking in on Sat to hear how things go for you (I'll keep my fingers crossed for good news although I have a good feeling about little beanie smile).

Mowmi I'm happy to hear that you feel more pregnant this time, although your fears for the scan are perfectly normal after what you went through. I'll also be keeping my fingers crossed for good news smile. I was also grin at your love for dildocam (I know exactly what you mean - great name!).

And thanks for the tips re the weird period LL - it is a little odd but I'm not bothered as long as the scan on Friday shows

Hope everyone else is doing well.

summermagic Thu 28-May-09 22:02:01

Hello everyone

I've been reading through the thread trying to make sure I remember everyones news so I can respond but my memory is so terrible. Next time I'll take notes.

Mowmi - congratulations on your 3+. I think you should stick to white completely un-recycled toilet paper until your little one is born - for your own sanity.

Duplo - glad to hear the iui went well. Sending you lots of positive vibes.

Rowingboat - are you ok?

EMZIB - two? I'm betting on at least quads. Must have been so lovely to hear such healthy news. Bet it made you feel mighty pleased with yourself.

Lottie - can't beleive you're at 7 weeks already either. Only another 33 to go! Not drinking is easier than you think isn't it? Just as easy getting back on to it though I guarantee you. Plus there's a new added air of desperation post baby. I very nearly got knocked out by a burberry clad lady from Newcastle on my first night out after having DS. Mind you I had just drenched her in lager after throwing what I thought was a tiny bit of my drink in the air in excitment at an Oasis concert.

Caitini - I too am a massive over sharer. Found myself explaining to the girls in work how ditzy I was the other by telling them how the previous night I went to the loo, wiped, got up, flushed and then realised I'd forgotten to wee! See and now I've done it again.

Kitten- have everything crossed for you during the next few weeks.

Issy - 3+ hooray. Bet our clomid days seem like a different lifetime now.

Thanks for remembering my dpo as well. Feeling very sorry for myself tonight. Have had progressively sorer boobs and progressively more extreme mood swings over the last few days but held off testing because I just can't bear to see another negative. Started cramping and having brown spotting yesterday which hasn't progressed in to much more all day so got really excited at the thought that it might be implantation bleeding. Came home, tested got a -ve and about half hour later the brownish spotting turned in to dark red. Still not properly kicked in though so now I'm worried that problems with my lining will be the reason why I don't concieve.

Feel crap because after drilling there really shouldn't be any reason now why I don't get pregnant. I suppose I was cd45 when I ovulated though and it was less than a week after the lap so maybe my lining was a bit old and my inards were still recovering from the op.

Oh God I don't know. Sorry to moan. Don't feel like I deserve to because you all have been through so much more. My two best friends will start trying for their second and thirds this month though and I just know they'll catch straight away. It's just the whole rollercoaster-ness of it that's such a head f*ck isn't it? Oh well - back on the ride for me.

Sorry to the people I missed out. Hope you're all doing well and appologies again for my self indulgence. xxx

flibbertywidget Fri 29-May-09 00:04:01

hi Ladies
Sorry haven't been on much. Work has been hectic and have had a horrific cold.

Emzi, Mowmi, HeidiS, LL -- glad things are going well -- LL good luck for your scan. I wont be on now as going to France, but keeping everything crossed for you xxxxx take it easy

Sooty/Duplo - sending you some sticky dust post IUI and transfer, really hoping this is your time

Caitni -- hope you are doing ok and Summermagic

Right I need to go to bed as am mega tired and have just finished packing and organising -- seems men are just not cut out for that particular task. Does it matter that I cannot close my suitcase? for a week away blush -- although DD's clothes are in with mine too!

hugs and love to you all xxxx

mowmi Fri 29-May-09 14:21:20

Ladies - need to be quick I'm in the office.
I'm losing my fricking mind worrying so DH and I are going for scan this afternoon! Might cause more misery if they can't see anything yet (6 weeks today) but can't be much worse than I feel at the moment anyway!!
Wish me luck - soooooo scared!

londonlottie Fri 29-May-09 17:52:28

Message withdrawn

londonlottie Fri 29-May-09 18:08:27

Message withdrawn

Caitni Fri 29-May-09 19:10:48

Oh Mowmi hope you're feeling better after your scan - how did you get on?

Flibberty bonnes vacances! (can you tell I just bought a home French course - books & CDs - yesterday? wink). Not being able to close a suitcase seems like perfectly normal packing-for-a-week-away behaviour grin

Summermagic oh lordy I was chortling at your oversharing example - that's just the sort of thing I'd do (both the forgetting to actually wee and then telling folks blushgrin). Sorry to hear about the BFN though sad. But it's only the first month, and you ovulated, which is great. If your period has arrived just think of how nice and comfy your lining will be when you hit the egg next month wink. And don't feel bad about moaning, I like reading your posts smile.

Lottie grr at your mum's telling everyone angry. You should have been given the chance to tell people as and when you and your DH saw fit - massive invasion of privacy angry. But you're right that your mum probably meant well - the excitement can make people do silly things. And it's hard for most people, even your own mum, to really understand how nervous your are after what you've been through. And, sorry, but I was giggling at your hairdresser story - I bet your hair looks lovely, and not at all like Sensible Pregnant Hair smile. Just think how the tears mean those hormones are rising nicely grin

Well ladies, I'm officially stimming. The scan was fine - all shut down, nice thin lining. And my first injection was fine - totally painless though I expect I'll be ages assembling all my bits and bobs tomorrow. My inner nurse is going to be coming out strong (the nurse thought it was hilarious when I was rootling through the bag of kit and was like "oooh I have my own sharps box" grin).

Also had a good session with the acupuncturist this morning - feel so much more comfortable with him than with the last one. Which definitely helps keep the old stress levels down.

So first scan on Wed morning so am hoping those follies grow and grow...

Big waves to everyone. Hope it's as hot as London wherever you are!

And Lottie your scan is tomorrow yes? Good luck with it smile

mowmi Fri 29-May-09 19:16:55

Hi ladies - bad news I'm afraid...same as last time - nothing but a sac measuring 5.5 weeks. We are absolutely gutted. Feel like this might just never happen for us.

Lottie - wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow! Don't let our woes make you stress and worry. I'll be thinking of you x

Caitni Fri 29-May-09 19:31:30

oh Mowmi so sorry to hear that sadsad. Massive hugs to you (and your DH).

londonlottie Fri 29-May-09 20:11:55

Message withdrawn

mowmi Fri 29-May-09 20:27:35

Thanks Ladies, I could be a couple of days out we BD on the Friday and Sunday but I'm fairly sure I ov on the Friday. Have to back in 10 days for another scan. Not getting my hopes up at all - it's exactly the same as last time!! Going to book an appointment with the mc specialist at zita west (my friend saw him and now has a 6 week old little boy following 2 mc's)

summermagic Fri 29-May-09 21:36:16

Mowmi I am so so sorry.

I know offering a glimmer of home can sometimes be innapropriate but a good friend of mine had a similar second scan after having a miscarriage at 10 weeks which they later discovered was also an empty sack. She had her first scan with the next pregnancy at six weeks and they said there was nothing much there other than a sack, and some word I can't remember but I think it was something column, but when she went back a few weeks later she was absolutely amazed to find that all was well. She's about 22 weeks now.

Good luck tomorrow Lottie. Hope you don't look too much like Cassandra from Only Fools and Horses with your new bob.

Caitni - glad your scan went well. Enjoy injecting.

Fliberty - have a great hols. xxxx

londonlottie Fri 29-May-09 21:42:00

Message withdrawn

gillydaffodil Sat 30-May-09 08:33:06

Message withdrawn

londonlottie Sat 30-May-09 12:34:02

Message withdrawn

mowmi Sat 30-May-09 12:42:15

Lottie - such wonderful news! I'm so happy for you! smile

amelied Sat 30-May-09 12:50:32

Lottie - had to check in to see how you got on - OMG TWINS!!! I have a tear in my eye (old sap!!)

Im chuffed to bits and it has made my w/e!!I hope those vitamins are lucky and brush some luck on me - Well done x

gillydaffodil Sat 30-May-09 13:03:59

Message withdrawn

Caitni Sat 30-May-09 13:06:11

Oh Lottie I'm so happy for you <wipes tear from my eye>. Wonderful news grin.

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