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Shettles Method. Anyone tried it or trying it?

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Kayzr Tue 26-May-09 07:26:10

We have 2 beautiful boys and we are planning to ttc next year and we would love a girl. So we are planning on using the shettles method. Don't get me wrong another boy would be lovely, so if it doesn't work then we would be very happy.

So has anyone tried it or are now in the process of trying it? Also how is it meant to work?

Kaylo Tue 26-May-09 08:14:57

Hi Kazr

We tried it when trying to conceive our 2nd child for a boy as we already had a girl.

And it worked, although was confusing as different websites said different things, this page is what we did.

Hope this Helps hun

mousemole Fri 29-May-09 19:15:33

Hi Kayzr, I am the same as you - have 2 beautiful boys and now thinking about number three. WOuld love a girl and have been looking at the in-gender website which has a lot of info on shettles.

likessleep Fri 29-May-09 19:30:08

Me too - have a beautiful boy and trying to work out my ovulation day at the moment, to at least put the odds towards a girl. But I would be ecstatic with another little boy too.
But I seem to ovulate on a different day each month, which doesn't help really!

likessleep Fri 29-May-09 19:35:34

Me too - have a beautiful boy and have been trying to work out my ovulation day over last few cycles, to at least put the odds towards a girl. But I would be ecstatic with another little boy too.
But I seem to ovulate on a different day each cycle, which doesn't help really! But then it does seem to contradict with the 0+12 theory, so I do take quite a bit of it with a pinch of salt!

likessleep Fri 29-May-09 19:36:16

blush didn't realise I had posted twice, whoops!

NationalFlight Fri 29-May-09 19:43:05

oh blimey...well I had two boys after sex v near to ov...however girls are a bit trickier! You kind of risk not conceiving at all, don't you.

Interesting though.

likessleep Fri 29-May-09 19:50:25

i agree nationalflight - that's what concerns me too. but the little swimmers can live up to 5 days. i'm going to try for 2-3 cycles and if no success, i'll gradually move it closer to ovulation.

but my sister had sex on day before ovulation (she was using OPKs as she was having very infrequent periods) and she had a little girl 6 weeks ago. so there are always going to be cases where it doesn't follow through. i'm sure some blokes must have more boy sperm and others must have more girl sperm, relatively.

i quite like the idea of frequent sex as soon as period ends to 2-3 days prior to ovulation wink

CurryMaid Fri 29-May-09 19:52:51

I might try it next time, would quite like one of each.

With DD we did the deed every day for about 8 days before, during and after ov so didn't use Shettles then!

mousemole Fri 29-May-09 20:10:51

likessleep how close are you going to go to Ovulation to start with ? 5 days ? I ovulate different times each month but I know that both my DS's were conceived on ovulation day. I am too scare to try the o+12 method !

chipmonkey Fri 29-May-09 21:02:44

yep, tried it, now have 4 boys!grin

Heated Fri 29-May-09 21:11:46

Tried it for dc2, having inadvertently done what was required for ds1 - shettles plus diet. We got the result we wanted - a dd - but who knows really if it worked? Would need about 15 more I reckon!

tostaky Sat 30-May-09 00:44:58

im in the process of trying... ive stopped th epill and im trying to stop breatsfeeding too. i havent had a period in ages (since 2007!!) so no idea what my cycle looks like now!
What i am doing is i do an opk every day + babydance and the day the opk turns positive, i'll stop bd... bc it turns positive a few days b4 i ovulate. so i figure, it should work that way?

Twistle Sat 30-May-09 01:33:45

Have 3 girls from 5 days before ov, 3 or 1 day before ov and 1-2 days after ov....

KathrynAustin Mon 22-Jun-09 12:40:45

This is the thread for me!

Two gorgeous boys, but feel that a third baby would complete our family. If I'm being completely honest I would love a girl so interested to know that there might be something in the Shettles method.

mousemole Mon 22-Jun-09 20:24:44

kathrynaustin - are you thinking of trying for a third soon? We are starting this month. Have plotted cycle and used OPK and losely followed the diet for a month or so. I ovulate on day 14 so stopping TTC on day 10 ! Who knows whether it will work.... !

KathrynAustin Thu 25-Jun-09 07:57:05

Mousemole - not planning on coming off pill until August 2010! That's when DS2 will be 3, and will hopefully be a bit calmer! Also want to get back to pre DS1 weight (1 or 1 1/2 stone less than I am now) so am giving myself plenty of time!

Good luck, fingers crossed for you!

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