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Anyone waiting till 29th/30th to test and want to join me?

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1LittlePrincess Fri 22-May-09 14:39:31

HI there,

Although I am offically able to test from today (CD 32) I had a early mc which started on the 21st April, so want to give it another week before getting too excited, as I think I ovulated late around CD25 ish.

Have been ttc for a while, had one mc last year at 7+4, and then another in April.

I know that if I join in on the ttc thread I will want to test, I am already dying to test as it is. So thought that maybe if anyone is looking to test next week then we can get through this week togther.

Heres to avoiding all chemists and HPT isle of the supermarkets wink

heres my stats

TTC #2 cycle..lost count CD32 ucl 30-34 OV CD25 / 15th (I think). ummm I think thats about it smile

Look forward to getting to know you all


Tigresswoods Fri 22-May-09 16:58:00

Hello there! I too am on CD 32 of a usually 30-33 day cycle so am currently doing that whole symptoms spotting thing.

Am determined not to test until at least Monday if not AF but I do have one in the draw......

I am TTC #1 and have had no success so far. Am on second cycle of Clomid as have PCOS and have been TTC for 18 months.

I'll be your buddy in the whole, "Don't do it!" thing.

1LittlePrincess Fri 22-May-09 18:44:07

Hi Tigresswoods... Nice to 'meet' you smile
Wishing you lots and lots of luck with your TTC journey.

Phew I have a buddy thought it was going to have to battle it out alone.

Well I have been abit naughty today, was feeling very dizzy in tescos, like i was going to faint, and had to sit down. This is usually my first symtom of pregnancy so could'nt resist slipping a test into the shopping basket blush

Im mega symptom spotting also. Infact everything that happens I think hmmm.. even the normal things like wanting chocolate :p

I was originally planning to test on monday but thought I would try and wait it out till next weekend.

Although saying that I do need a wee and that test is calling me wink


Tigresswoods Fri 22-May-09 22:27:29

Oh no, am I too late to stop you....?

1LittlePrincess Sat 23-May-09 19:26:36

Ha Ha Ha

Nope you are not too late. So far ive managed to resist.

Just keep reminding myself that it is better to wait. Not sure that I am going to be able to wait until next weekend though hmm

How are you doing? Have you managed to resist temptation so far?

How you doing on the sypmtom spotting?

Hope that you are well smile


1LittlePrincess Sat 23-May-09 22:58:24

Hi just bumping up for Dalrymps and any others who would like to join in the wait to test thread x

Dalrymps Sat 23-May-09 22:59:38

Ah here you are, just posted on your other thread. I'll join you, i'll be testing 30th/31st if I get that far...

6th month of TTC for me.

TTC DC#2 CD 22 today. smile

1LittlePrincess Sat 23-May-09 23:14:46

Hi Dalrymps

Welcome to the thread smile

Finges crossed that this thread will be lucky for us all.

Im really trying to hang out till the weekend until I test but im going to need to be really strict. When I fell with DD I was about 4 weeks late before I even noticed shock

Prehaps I just say to myself that if AF doesnt turn up before that i'll test with you on the 30th.

Are you sypmtom spotting yet? I keep telling myself that its too early but then cant help it but think hmm that could be a sign smile


Dalrymps Sun 24-May-09 09:52:11

Hi smile

I'm trying not to sypmtom spot but it's difficult not to read in to every little sign. Felt a little nauseous this morning and wondered for a second, more likely I ate loads of rubbish yesterday!

Can't really 'spot' any more symptoms cause I don't have any sad

We've been trying the 'Deanna plan' this month, you BD every other day from day 8, start ovulation testing (with the sticks) on day 10 then when you get a positive BD that night and the 2 nights after. Then you have one night off and one last try. Hope it's worked.

With ds I had very trnder breasts but i'm not sure how early that started, I think it only came on around the time af was due and I tested when I was 5 days late...

Fingers crossed for BFP's all round!

Tigresswoods Sun 24-May-09 11:50:02

Hello all, back again. No AF yet and am now day 34 of a usuall 30-33 day cycle. Absolutley no sympoms to spot at all apart from feeling like I want to cry a lot. Not sure what that is about except I have just been to my best friends "good bye see you in a year after you have been around the world" Party. So maybe that's it.

Like you 1littleprincess am determined not to test but cannot help thinking that maybe I will tomorrow. Why? Well I had a blood test 2 weeks ago tomorrow and results showed that I did ovulate so if no AF then surely a good idea to test?

Somebody talk me out of this...?

Shirlwith3 Sun 24-May-09 12:09:14

Can I join you lovely ladies too

Af is due between 29th May - 1st June
Sor last month I have not even bothered with symtom spoting I have just carryied on with if I get BFP then it is meant to be.

I have decided to hold of testing till at least the 2nd as my longest cycle has been 29 days

Dalrymps Sun 24-May-09 12:15:57

Tigress - Step away from the test! grin

Just remember, the later you leave it the more reliable the result will be. Plus, it'll save you money cause if it's bfn you know you'll just buy another test to do later. I have done a few naughty tests over the months but it just wasted my money and didn't put my mind at rest... Now I just keep one in the house and try and tell myself i'll only use it once af is late, yeah right! wink

Shirl - Welcome, I am trying my best not to symptom spot cause I just get more dissapointed when af arrives and I thuoght I could be pgsad

devotion Sun 24-May-09 22:31:33


I jumped straight onto this thread as soon as I saw the title.

I have not actually been ttc but can not tell you how much money i have actually spent on tests in the last year. I have been hoping I would just fall pregnant as it never seems the right time when dh and i discuss it but i'm delighted he agreed to start ttc in a few months....... but this month we had sex three time around ovualtion and once the whole way iykwim so i have a very good chance that i am....... as usual i have all the symptoms but i NEED to hold back from testing until at least wed 27th.

With my last pregnancy i got neg the day i was due and very very faint pos the day after so I want to wait until wed. I also had an early mc last year but not sure i can wait a whole week past due date.

i really need to practice what i preach, i've been telling ttc'ers on other threads to hold back from testing and here i am here asking you lot to tie to my hands.

i'm determined not to go and buy a test until at least tues to test.

so how are you all doing - i hope no-one has given in?

my info is
ttc#3 cycle1 UCL28 CD27

devotion Mon 25-May-09 10:25:51

morning - where have you all gone?

i hope you all didnt give in, i have to say that if there was a test in my house i would have tested this morning. this waiting is driving me insane!!!

i am less bloated now, still getting some cm, REALLY MOODY and get dizzy spells.

last night i had the feeling that my af was about to start any minute, with crampy feelings and that fullness heavy feeing you get in yout tummy. not today though!

i wish it was wednesday!

ttc#3 cycle1 UCL28 CD28

Dalrymps Mon 25-May-09 14:33:36

I'm here, queitly waiting...

Nothing much to report, had what felt like pms the last 3 days but am fine today. I did think at one point I might get my AF early but nothing yet. Trying to keep my mind off it till i'm closer to next weekend but it's difficult. We must stay strong!

1LittlePrincess Mon 25-May-09 18:27:25

Hi all

and welcome to the thread newbies, good to see afew mor epeople on here smile

Well I still havnt tested. I would like to say that its because im being a good girl, but I havnt been at home so thats probably the only reason.

Good point you make about the cost of the test Dalrymps. I'll try and keep that in mind....New top or test (why are those things so expensive anyway? hmm)

Tigress did you manage to refrain from testing?

My update:

Now on CD35 but think that I ov late so I am really trying to hold out with the testing.

Today I have had some pinky coloured mucus, only when wiping never had this before af or BFP so not sure what this is.

Achy tummy could be either

Feeling faint happened lots before I found out I was preg with DD, but could be either also.

I have become a serial knicker checker today, been to the toilet about 20 times just to check. Roll on friday

Hugs and best wishes to you all x

devotion Mon 25-May-09 20:02:16

well done!

i'm so glad i have no tests at home.

i really feel like af is about to arrive but i also have some good pregnancy signs so i am trying to relaaaaaaaaax.

i've also been checking my knickers religiously!

my tummy is so swollen so if i am not i need to do some serious stomach exercises. i have not been eating more than normal so dont know why its bloated. i've been asked twice if im pregnant last week!!!

wishing days awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy x

1LittlePrincess Mon 25-May-09 20:32:40

Im with you regarding the bloated tummy devotion.

I was looking earlier and thinking to myself that if I am not preggers then I really need to start and rigerous exercise routine next monday lol


1LittlePrincess Mon 25-May-09 20:33:57

Ohh and I also feel like AF could turn up at any min, but am in two minds as have some quite positive preggers signs.

hence the frequent trips to the loo blush

Dalrymps Mon 25-May-09 21:34:40

Another knicker checker here grin

I've had 2 early periods during my 6 months of ttc (about 5 days early each time)so am constantly wondering if it'll turn up unannounced!

AF due sat/sun. I'm wishing the time away.

Tigresswoods Tue 26-May-09 07:56:32

Well I didn't test but then I did come on so that is why. I held out well though and was a couple of days later this cycle than normal so I think that is good will power.

Clomid round 3 starts today! Wish me luck and wish my DH some stamina!

Good luck all!!!!

devotion Tue 26-May-09 10:16:20

Tigresswoods - GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

No af still here, feel like its about to start and still moody!

we'll see!

hold strong everyone...

Dalrymps Tue 26-May-09 10:54:30

Well done on holding out Tigress. Good luck for this month, fingers crossed for you smile

newshoesshinyshoes Tue 26-May-09 12:25:07

Can I join you too please?

TTC#2. AF was due yesterday but didn't arrive. Am knicker checking and symptom spotting constantly- good job I'm not working today! Feeling very bloated and tender and a bit sicky.....and trying my hardest not to get too hopeful.... but of course that isn't working!!!!

Haven't got a test in the house but am VERY tempted to go shopping. Too soon?

Feeling slightly deranged

devotion Tue 26-May-09 12:56:38


we ALL know how you feel.

i just checked my knickers by the window in our lounge hop no-one saw blush

just whipped them down without thinking... keep thinking i can feel something

my moodiness levels on the ricter scale has now reached 9.5!!!!!!!!!!

my poor kids are feeling it

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