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amelied Thu 21-May-09 13:59:16

Hi there

was interested to read in your other post about Biovea 7-keto DHEA supplements. I hope you dont mind me asking what mg did you take 25mg or 50mg??

How did you hear of them - did Doc recommend?
Many thanks for your response

londonlottie Thu 21-May-09 14:03:44

Message withdrawn

amelied Thu 21-May-09 14:05:35

Hi LL - Glad to hear from you - I hope all is well and you are taking it easy?

I would be delighted to purchase them from you - how do I contact you??

Best wishes

londonlottie Thu 21-May-09 14:18:23

Message withdrawn

amelied Thu 21-May-09 14:32:57

Hi - just mailed you - many thanks!

Interesting article - will print off as the office is manic just now wink

anniemac Thu 21-May-09 14:56:41

Message withdrawn

Caitni Thu 21-May-09 15:00:54

Just wanted to say a big congratulations to Anniemac on your BFP grin. Wishing you a happy and healty pregnancy...

Caitni Thu 21-May-09 15:01:35

er, meant "healthy" blush

anniemac Thu 21-May-09 15:03:04

Message withdrawn

amelied Thu 21-May-09 15:15:34

Hi Anniemac - yes, LL has sorted me out thank you and HUGE CONGRATS on the BFP - Wishing you a healthy 9 months smile

anniemac Thu 21-May-09 15:34:00

Message withdrawn

CouldYouWouldYouWithaGoat Thu 21-May-09 15:35:53

omg you are up the duff? fantastic. all crossable body parts crossed for you [runs off to find out about these supplements]

anniemac Thu 21-May-09 15:45:08

Message withdrawn

amelied Thu 28-May-09 22:23:52

Hi Anniemac

Hope you are well and looking after yourself at this happy time.

Got my Biovea 7-keto DHEA supplements in the post this morning (thanks LondonLottie).

Can I ask did you take them right through the month until you got your BFP or did you take them only Day one to ovulation?

Many thanks

amelied Fri 29-May-09 08:49:14

Bumpty-bump! wink

DollyDiamond Mon 08-Jun-09 20:08:18

Hi Everyone! Apologies if this has been done to death, but has anyone else found it much harder to get pregnant second time round?? I was pregnant within 2 months of stopping the pill almost 2 years ago, but I've not used any contraception since then (she's now one), haven't breast fed for 8 months and nothing seems to be happening (despite lots of trying!) - what can be so different!!

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