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Accupuncture and hebal medicine

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pecanpie Thu 21-May-09 11:46:12

I've been reading some of the threads on acupuncture and was hoping someone could give me some specific advice.

I have been TTC for about 13 months and have had 2 MMCs in this time. I am about to go into my 3rd cycle of TTC again but don't think I am ovulating yet. I am also finding the whole situation emotionally stressful. I want to look at acupuncture from the perspective of relaxation/general wellbeing as well as for a fertility boost.

The current recommendations I have are
Balance Acupuncture (Ian Prytherch and colleagues)whose website is the most specifically geared towards fertility
London Acupuncture Clinic (Daniel Elliot and colleagues) which specialises in herbal medicine as well
both from reading previous threads here and then Dr Jeremy Nathan - a GP and acupuncture practitioner, very local and works weekends which makes getting to appointments a lot less stressful as I don't have work or childcare to consider (plusses on the stress front).

Who do I choose? How do their initial consultations work? Has anyone tried the herbal medicine route in conjunction/separately to acupuncture? What kind of complaints can it help with?

Thanks in advance!

greenbeanie Thu 21-May-09 14:07:56

Firstly good luck whichever you choose. I used herbal medicine and acupuncture to conceive and it worked really well for me. It was chinese herbal medicine by the way.

Most acupuncturists work on the basis of correcting imbalances and this in terms helps with stress and also conception, so fertility specialists in acupuncture do not necessarily provide a different treatment to any other acupuncturist.

The things I would check is how experienced are they, how long they have been qualified. The other thing I would check is what training they have done. Some GP's have just completed a short course of a few weekends and their treatment is more geared towards specifics such as pain relief etc. Although there are some GP's who have done full acupuncture training which is usually a 3 year degree course.

There are also two main types of acupuncture TCM (traditional chinese medicine) and five elements. Personally I have always found 5 elements better as it is more holistic in approach but both methods will achieve results.

Hope that helps. The other place to look is the british acupuncture council website.

greenbeanie Thu 21-May-09 14:09:26

By the way the british acupuncture council also have a database that you can search with all registered practitioners. I think the only acupuncturists elegible for entry to the council have done the full training so it is a good place to start. Good luck smile

BigMaz Thu 21-May-09 17:31:00

Have you considered reflexoligy

pecanpie Sat 23-May-09 22:14:20

Thanks greenbeanie.

Not thought about reflexology - I don't know much about how it works...

BigMaz Sun 24-May-09 11:15:22

There's a wonderful reflexologist near Henleys Corner who has had great results in getting people more relaxed, positive and preg!

mowmi Sun 24-May-09 11:32:09

I can recommend LAC - I have PCOS and Christina there helped me start ovulating again. I've also been hearing good things about Balance on Assisted conception thread, Best of luck

eviesgirl Sun 31-May-09 15:15:39

Message deleted

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