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Anyone know about pcos and buckwheat and dci thing?

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yellowflowers Mon 18-May-09 00:28:51

Been reading some american sites about a chemical dci found in buckwheat that helps bring on ovulation etc. Anyone heard of this? Bunkum or possible? And how do you cook buckwheat?

yellowflowers Mon 18-May-09 15:26:43


Tigresswoods Tue 19-May-09 17:44:59

Isn't buckwheat a bit like cous cous? I have a low GI diet book (I have PCOS) and I am sure there is recipe in there.

Not sure about the ovulation thing though. I find Clomid helps bring on Ovulation, show me the drugs!

GiraffeAHolic Tue 19-May-09 17:52:34

Not the same I know, but, I have PCOS and was recommended Agnus Castus. It's a herbal tablet thats meant to regulate the cycle.

I did concieve but can't say if it was because of that or not

yellowflowers Tue 19-May-09 20:20:54

Thanks. I've only read about it on American boards where consensus seems to be that you need Buckwheat farinetta (not flour) but I can't work out whether real or quackery.

yellowflowers Thu 21-May-09 12:19:56

last bump, I promise.

2ndDestiny Fri 22-May-09 08:53:29

Hi yellowflowers

responding to your last bump!

I have read the same thing as you on various sites. My conclusion (i'm no expert though!) is that it is probably not bunkum. This study showed that DCI improves insulin sensitivity, decreases androgens/testosterone and therefore helps most PCOS women to ovulate. DCI is also mentioned in The PCOS Diet Book by Collette Harris, which as far as I can tell is quite reliable and well researched.

The problem is that it's quite hard to get hold of DCI as a supplement. DCI or Pinitol (which is apparently converted to DCI in the body) is available from one or two companies in the US but the price tag is absolutely enormous.

Buckwheat does contain DCI, the best source is the farinetta (84mg per 100g) but that seems to be equally difficult to get hold of in the UK and very expensive. Ordinary buckwheat grains however are available from health food shops and sometimes even in supermarkets - I have been trying to integrate it into my diet. To cook buckwheat you just dry fry the grains for a couple of mins (optional, improves flavour) then boil just like rice or couscous for about 10 mins. The taste ok.

The problem is that there is only about 23mg DCI per 100g buckwheat - and the study that showed results involved supplementing with 1200mg DCI daily!!! So it's difficult to get enough of it without eating excessive carbs. Other sources of DCI and pinitol, according to my research (again, I've probably been looking at similar sites to you) include soy lecithin, carob, mung beans, aduki beans, soy beans and chick peas. I tried eating the requisite amount of carob but it was impossible - I like carob - but if you can imagine just eating an entire jar of cocoa powder in one sitting, it was like that! intolerable. As far as I can tell you'd have to literally live on a combination of all these sources to get any benefit so personally I'm feeling a bit despondent about it. It's very frustrating that the DCI supplements are not more widely available.

You can also try supplementing with ordinary inositol which is available in UK health food shops in powder form. That works for some PCOS women but not all. I am currently trying it as part of a low GI diet - so far my skin has improved but no ovulation as yet, am only into the 4th week of this regime though.

Do you have a copy of the PCOS diet book? I would recommend it, it goes through all the supplements and herbs systematically and explains how they can help and any contraindications. It requires a little patience but it's useful to have all that information in one place.

Sorry for the mammoth post but I hope that's useful.

2ndDestiny Fri 22-May-09 08:59:30

PS can I be a bit nosy and ask how long have you had PCOS? What have you tried so far? Are you a parent or TTC?

I was diagnosed last month. I used to have regular cycles (before going on the pill) so never suspected PCOS. I conceived easily after coming off the pill but then miscarried in January and AF never came back. Very very upsetting as all I want is get pregnant again.

Would like to hear what worked for other PCOSers. I am already quite slim so losing weight isn't really an option for me.

yellowflowers Fri 22-May-09 11:22:59

Hi 2nddestiny - thank you for long reply.

I am ttc number 1 and have been for about 18 months (though about a year seriously). Diagnosed with pcos in my teens and now am 30. Am on metformin and have been for ages but doesn't make much difference to me. Have periods every months (between 30 and 38 days). I am quite overweight.

I have a copy of that book though not really read it properly - will dig it out and read it again.

I have found one supplier of buckwheat farinetta in the uk and ordered some but not got it yet - once it arrives and I know the outfit isn't some charlatan then I'll give you the link if you want.

Perhaps I will try inositol then.

2ndDestiny Fri 22-May-09 11:57:34

Hi yellowflowers

Thanks for your reply - I would be VERY grateful for the link to your farinetta supplier if you're willing to share

I'm also 30 and TTC no. 1. Or rather, trying to get myself ov'ing again so I can TTC no.1, sigh...

Do you know if there's an active PCOS/fertility thread? I think it would help to chat to others about how they coped with the diagnosis and/or managed to achieve ovulation and conception...


yellowflowers Fri 22-May-09 12:46:48

There is but I'm not on it - it's usually high up the listings if you look for it. People say the verity website is good but it doesn't do it for me.

Will let you know once farinetta arrived safe and sound x

2ndDestiny Fri 22-May-09 13:15:22

thanks - hope it arrives and good luck with it! keep me posted if you think it works...

yellowflowers Mon 01-Jun-09 17:29:43

hi 2nd destiny - they sent me the wrong stuff! but they are resending the correct stuff.

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