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Swine flu and TTC/IVF

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SuiGeneris Thu 07-May-09 19:53:28

Is anyone considering delaying TTC or fertility treatment to avoid being pregnant during a possible pandemic? I was considering this today and cannot decide whether it would be sensible or over the top to take things easy for a few months. We have been TTCing for 17 months and are likely to need ICSI...

londonlottie Thu 07-May-09 20:06:34

Message withdrawn

SuiGeneris Thu 07-May-09 20:51:43

On reflection I think you must be right, Londonlottie. Thank you for this and for sharing your experience.

InternationalFlight Thu 07-May-09 20:58:18


I have been thinking the same. I wonder about having a baby during the winter if many people are likely to be ill, as it will affect what services are available.

Not sure what to suggest but didn't want you to feel silly. smile

I'm not even TTC at the moment...just broody wink

ClaireDeLoon Thu 07-May-09 21:38:46

I'm with londonlottie on this - you can't not do this in case of a 'maybe' problem. We're on cycle 21 now and I wouldn't dream of not continuing to try because of the flu thing. Good luck with ttc and with the ICSI

SuiGeneris Tue 12-May-09 19:26:46

Thank you all for your messages and for the good wishes. It is reassuring both to know that I am not the only one to have worried about service availability/risk of infection (InternationalFlight, did you read the NHS paper on availability of maternity services too?) and that there are others who have considered the issue and decided to go ahead nevertheless.

For us this year would be ideal for many reasons: I am in my mid-thirties, we would like, ideally 2 children (of which this would be no. 1), I am likely to have redundancy money to live on while pregnant/at home with baby and it is not a bad year to take time out generally (the sector we work in has variable compensation and this year the variable part is likely to be zero).

So fingers crossed- we should know next week whether it will have to be ICSI...

londonlottie Tue 12-May-09 19:30:31

Message withdrawn

londonlottie Tue 12-May-09 19:32:39

Message withdrawn

BagPuss71 Tue 12-May-09 20:17:12

Just wanted to give my expereince of IVF/ICSI - I had IVF for unexplained infertility a few years ago. Everything was going great, had egg collection, got 15 really good eggs, sperm fine, put them together and they all failed to fertilise so the cycle was abandoned. It had taken years of tests etc to get to that point and we were devastated. It took two more years before I could steel myself for another go and this time we did ICSI. Got good eggs and sperm, 12 embryos which resulted in my lovely DS, now four.

Might just be worth bearing in mind.

SuiGeneris Sun 31-May-09 09:47:08

Thank you very much to all. Fingers crossed, we may not need ICSI or IVF after all. smile.

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