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Getting pregnant after the pill

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wantababy Thu 28-Apr-05 14:03:32

I am on my last packet of pills, as DH has finally agreed to try for another baby (Have a ds 22 months). I am soooo broody and want to get started straight away but seem to remember something about it being best to wait a while after stopping the pill.
Does anyone know if this is the case - and if so, how long should we wait?

MeerkatsUnite Thu 28-Apr-05 16:38:54

The pill leaves your system very quickly after you stop taking it so there's no reason to wait months or anything. It's not necessary to do this.

Would suggest you take a folic acid tablet daily.

Evesmama Thu 28-Apr-05 16:43:03

they say to wait until your first'true' period ie: not the one you get immediatly after finishing you last pills.

kaytee Thu 28-Apr-05 16:58:05

Afaik the only reason to wait for a true period is for dating purposes; the hormones are out of your system v. quickly. In fact there is a school of thought that says you can have a fertility surge immediately after coming off the pill. I read somewhere, on the Cochrane medical database I think, that this was accidentally discovered by obstetriciams who were trying to regulate women's cycles for ivf purposes; their successful pregnancy rates went up in women given a short course of the pill who then came off it and were advised to ttc immediately.

More anecdotally, I conceived all 4 of my children straight after (and I mean the very next cycle each time)coming off the pill. I didn't wait, and there were no problems with dating the pregnancies, nor any other problems either.

AngelCakeUmm Thu 28-Apr-05 17:00:36

I was on the pill and i came off it to fall pregnant with my ds but it did take me 3 months to fall with him well worth the wait though

fruitful Thu 28-Apr-05 17:26:36

My doctor said the same as Kaytee - the only reason to wait until you've had a period is so that when you get pg, you can work out when it happened.

But it took me at least 6 months to start ovulating after I came off the pill . Had been on it for 10 years though.

marne Thu 28-Apr-05 17:42:11

I got pregnant a month after i stoped the pill, just about to come off it again to try for no2 hope it doesnt take to long.

wantababy Fri 29-Apr-05 09:00:44

Thanks for your replies. Suppose it makes sense to wait until the first period - but also like your statistics kaytee . Hope it will be as easy for me. Fell pregnant at first try with DS, but you never know...

Marne, good luck to you - maybe we'll meet on an ante-natal thread soon

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