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Feisty & Fabulous at 40+ - the continuing adventures of TTC

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fruitbowl Fri 24-Apr-09 20:32:30

Erm hope this will do as a continuation thread. Hello to anyone new to the thread. All welcome... xx

fifitot Fri 24-Apr-09 21:10:30

Wahey here we are again. Hope we have some sucess soon!

dixie64 Fri 24-Apr-09 22:28:53

New thread - lovely name - it will soon feel like home ! You know what they say about a new home don't you - lets hope we honour the saying really quick

liahgen Fri 24-Apr-09 22:31:03

can i join please, am 42 and currently on day 20 of 26 day cycle. ttc#6

Have joined before but tbh, this moves so fast I couldn't keep up, and you guys all seem toknow each other.

beamel Sat 25-Apr-09 10:04:36

Morning All !
Well here's to the new thread !
Welcome to Liahgen.
Good to hear from you Fruit.
Nan and Lates, are you out there ? - hope you both OK !
Finally had my acupuncture appointment, with a different practitioner - couldn't cope with someone elses baby chaos ! First impression - I have a good feeling about it. It's a completely different approach to that taken by conventional medicine but didn't in any way contradict my docs opinion or diagnosis. She was more interested in finding ways that she could help to overcome the problems already identified. Then the needles, well they felt like needles but really were not unpleasant in any way. I felt the most relaxed I have been for ages lying there for 20 minutes with them in ! So we will see ! I am going back next week after my HSG and before OV for another session.
Rowing, thinking of you in Hungary and hope all going well.
Waves to all !

Have a great weekend ladies !

vonsudenfed Sat 25-Apr-09 10:05:37

Hello - and welcome liahgen - I am sure we will all get to know each other soon.

Actually, on that note, is it time we did a stats round-up? I'll start if you like:

vonsudenfed, 43, ttc No 2 for almost a year now...

fifitot Sat 25-Apr-09 14:24:46

Fifitot 45, ttc no 2 for 7 months.

dixie64 Sat 25-Apr-09 14:38:54

dixie64 44 (and a half wink ), ttc no.5 12 months - ds 21, ds 16, ds 14, dd 7.

Rockdoctor Sat 25-Apr-09 16:17:26

Rockdoctor 43, dd 15 months, ttc no. 2 for 5 months, mmc in Dec 08

jardins Sat 25-Apr-09 17:14:02

Jardins 40, ttc no. 3 1st month after mc March 09 - dd 13, ds 5.

beamel Sat 25-Apr-09 18:18:07

Beamel, 43, TTC No. 1 for 4 months.

catsmother Sat 25-Apr-09 21:31:47

Catsmother (a bit of a lurker 'cos if IO start to write about everything you will think I am a complete whinger/ungrateful/mad, or whatever) .....

..... anyway. TTC no. 3 since June 2008. Conceived almost immediately but lost that one, and another soon after.

Am 44 ...... 45 in November.

DS - 19, DD - 5. 3 miscarriages ..... 2 within 3 months of each other last year in September and November, both 7 weeks.

Am CD28 today (of a cycle which is usually 28 to 31 days). Have had very sore breasts since ovulation on CD15. Have also had very light (brown) spotting on CD25, 26 & 27, but nothing today ..... I was expecting my period TBH. Guess time will tell but am already getting depressed and suspect will wake up with the dreaded curse tomorrow.

haraslou Sun 26-Apr-09 09:55:01

Haraslou, I'm new. aged 40 TTc no 3 4 months. DD 4.6 DS 2.6

catsmother Sun 26-Apr-09 12:15:21

Yep ..... woke up with my period.

This is so hard. I keep thinking I "should" be having a baby next month, or, if not that one, then I "should" be having a different baby in July. Which I know is nonsense.

fifitot Sun 26-Apr-09 12:20:37

Poor you catsmother. Welcome btw.

I have just OVd I think. So now the waiting starts though not very hopeful as olny managed to BD twice - such a chore!

dixie64 Sun 26-Apr-09 12:54:01

I'm in the two week wait due to test this Friday but no symptom and no hope really but still think at the back of my mind perhaps - I generally start spotting a few days before (but not always!) so would expect that this week. Cat (catsmother abbreviated if thats okay with you? ) so sorry the witch got you! Having suffered your losses its not surprising you're thinking about when they would have been due. I lost twins (at 7 weeks) and a single back in 91 and 92 before conceiving no2 son I still think of my "angel" babes. I'm 44 and 45 in October so we're practically the same age - I keep thinking I should stop trying but just can't face it what about you?
Good luck fifitot fingers crossed your egg and sperm will shake hands and take a long walk through a deep dark tunnel together!
welcome haraslou and liahgen good to see you! I'm quite new too but they're lovely on here and make you feel so welcome.
I seem to have posted an epic blush
hope everyone is well

tetleytea Sun 26-Apr-09 16:50:05

Hi all & welcome to liahgen and haraslou!

tetley 41 (42 next month booo!)ttc no2 for about 7 months

Isn't it hilarious how we turn into Adrian Moles about age now? it hasn't been so important since we were 13 and a half.

Feeling a bit down today as my 1st month on clomid so had high hopes, and my temps have been really high. Am feeling crampy, sure AF is on its way. Really thought it was going to happen...

fruitbowl Sun 26-Apr-09 23:33:13

Fruitbowl: 41 next week! TTC #2 for 2 years. 2 MCs. 2nd month of clomid.

Welcome Liahgen & Haraslou (passing the biccies).

Tetley I too was gutted when my miracle didn't happen 1st month of taking clomid. Hang on in there gal, it's not over til the fat witch sings! How many months supply do you have?

Night all. Still can't get used to the early school mornings (bleary eyed icon) ZZzzzz

KiwiKat Mon 27-Apr-09 00:31:56

Thanks for starting the new thread, Fruit, hello to everyone, and welcome to our new friends. I'm 43 and we've been ttc 2 for about 18 months. We see the specialist on Thursday morning to find out the results of the blood tests and the dye test. I'm on cd 19 but am not holding my breath.

Rant alert ...

Found out at book group this week that ANOTHER in our group of baby friends (ie those who've known each other since our kids were born or very young) is now prengant. Which means that out of a group of about 20 women I'm friends with or see socially, there are only 4 of us who are not pregnant or have now had a second child. And once again, I'm very happy for her, and all of them, but you know that horrible feeling you don't want to admit to of 'when will it be MY turn?' Blah blah blah ...

I've got to admit, it's very therapeutic being able to unload here.

haraslou Mon 27-Apr-09 05:47:11

hi to everyone and thanks for making us newies so welcome. sorry to hear you blue, Catsmother. I mc'd twice at 7wks like you: sept and nov 05. then fell pregnant next cycle jan 06, that one stuck and he is now's so hard to keep carrying on after repeated loss. Tetley -here's hoping it's all quiet over there. no witches crooning yet....
fifitot -it only takes one of each....
dixie64 goodluck with the 2ww - htose last few days kill me!

eleveld Mon 27-Apr-09 10:47:31


Can I join you? Am 39 but 40 in a couple of months so I nearly qualify!

Have been TTC no 1 for 18 months and have been told the chances of it happening are practically zero (lots of issues including endo, very low AMH result etc). The only way they will do IVF on us is with an egg donor and we're trying to make progress on that.

But I just can't let get of the hope that it may just happen naturally. Has anyone else been told it won't happen but then succesfully succeeded?

Am so deparate for a child. Am not even being greedy - have given up all hope of ever having more than one but would just be so grateful for just one.

The pain of not being able to conceive gets me so upset sometimes, I hate it. Just typing this has nearly got me in tears!

Sorry to moan on my first post, obviously just needed to offload a bit

gonepearshaped Mon 27-Apr-09 12:03:40

Hi all,

Welcome Liahgen, Haraslou, Eleveld, and CatsMother. Gonepearshaped here, 41 TTC No.2 for ages... All pretty quiet in my little world just hanging about to see if my knackered ovaries can get it together to ov (I feel like some kind of superannuated chicken these days).

Had a hectic weekend with birthday party for ds, was shared with another kid and supposed to be a picnic in the park but then it rained all day so then it was 20 kids plus parents in our place - utter mayhem!

DS is five now, I hate that even his birthdays just make me think about how we haven't managed to make another one yet and what a big age gap there will be if and when we eventually get no.2. Sorry if that sounds selfish to those trying for No.1, I do know I'm lucky

Up shot of all that was I managed to mess up temping for two days so now have no real idea what's going on hmm. Anyway, just wanted to check in on the new thread and to wish good luck to all.

BTW Eleveld, a good friend of mine recently had her first after many years trying and several mcs. She was given same sort of odds as you and had several medical 'reasons' why she couldn't get PG but she did. This is a very good place to share/offload and I think we can excuse you the extra couple of months!

spiralqueen Mon 27-Apr-09 12:15:42

Hi all new and old 40+ers

46 and a quarter, was ttc no.2 (DD 16mths)

Got to have my 21 day bloods on Wednesday then expecting to hear that I'm not ovulating and will get referred to infertility clinic.

Lets hope the new thread brings some much needed luck to everyone ttc.

spiralqueen Mon 27-Apr-09 12:36:12

While I remember I was reading a parenting book for dads at the weekend and it offered the following reason for lack of fertilization...

just like men, sperm won't stop and ask for directions so have problems locating the egg.


tetleytea Mon 27-Apr-09 15:08:35

Hi all

eleveld - i'm so sorry about the pain you're feeling, it's just horrible watching time go by. There are lots of cases of being told it won't happen and it happening. You mustn't give up hope, moan away as much as you want, it's such a supportive thread this one.
kiwikat really understand that feeling of all these bumps and siblings springing up around you... I think trying to conceive is a bit like being single & finding a partner. All you really want is to know that it WILL happen one day in the not too far off future. Then you could relax and enjoy it rather than worrying about it.
fruit and haraslou - On CD 29 and no AF....yet. With this clomid lark I just don't know what's clomid and what's me. I never get beyond cd 29 so we'll see. My temp was still high this morning, I got a BFN yesterday afternoon with a cheapie ebay test....finding it really hard to concentrate on anything. Got my parents arriving in 2 days time to stay so whatever the outcome esp. if AF arrives i just want to get my head around it before then...

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