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TTC any which way DP CM BT OPK Grapefruit drinking ....

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C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 08:44:48

Hi All,

Hope you like our new home!

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 08:49:39

I have taken the list from the old thread...

hopeforbundleofjoy AF due around 28th feb and still waiting...
Pinkyblue123 AF due 23rd April
Kittycatcat - AF due 23rd/24th April
whatsfortea AF due 26th April(ish)
Wasabi - AF due 30th April
Kay4MattTTC - AF due 29th April(ish)
Yellowflowers AF due 5th May
Lovelymonster Af due 8th May
Flintski - Af due mid-may
Cindy - will be on here soon to TTC again!

Heebychick BFP
BeckyMcG BFP
BoosieBoo BFP
Sn0wflake BFP
Pezzina BFP
SmileyCat BFP EDD 04/09/09
Spats BFP
WanabeMum BFP EDD 19th Sept!
Queenie1 BFP
Broodzilla BFP
Kyte BFP
Funtimewincies BFP
Ray81 - BFP
Joolssiam - BFP EDD 19/12/09

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 08:56:51

Jools phew! great your still going to be around, it would not be the same without you. Well I am starting the diet this morning and have just had ... wait for it.... yummy porriage... its great!! I am on the sole food source so hopefully will be able to lose what i want to by July. Will go on the Cambridge website also. My counsellor said that if I am TTC I have to be careful as you are most likely to get pg! which I hope it is true! but I am still holding out in TTC in July but will be posting regularly.

Iggy I am like you. As I was 12 weeks, I am going to wait at least two cycles... it will give me a chance to shift weight and be in a better frame of mind to get on the rollercoaster again of TTC smile I am worried that AF may never arrive again. I was really sorry to hear your new, I know it is hard but your doing the right thing to wait one cycle and then get going again. I am a true believer that things happen for a reason but it is a bummer also. We will get there. I have heard that after three cycles a person who has MC is more like to get pg. Also, if you follow the DP you could get pg within three cycles also.

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 08:59:06

Okay, I have yakked enough this morning. HOpe you all find the new thread and don't mind me starting a new one. A fresh clean start to more BFP's - Here's baby dust to us all ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 09:00:59

Jools just read your post. Don't worry everyone bleeds sometimes so it may not be what you think.

Joolsiam Wed 22-Apr-09 09:02:03

C1ndy - I may be back on that diet sooner than planned, as I'm spotting this morning and there are teeny stringy bits in there - not looking good.

I like the porridge too - even better with a bit of cinammon sprinkled over it

As for cycles after a later MC - My MC was Nov 11th at 11+5, first "AF" was just before Christmas - a very light anovulatory bleed. I ovulated 22 days after that (painful), had a normal luteal phase and a proper AF, then it all settled down into my normal clockwork cycle. Interesting fact though - I ovulated twice whilst on the Cambridge Diet - very unusually for me, I could barely feel it - I wonder if it was the weight loss, or the vitamin / mineral mixture in the diet, but ov wasn't painful at all for the first time that I can remember.

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 09:04:24

Jools people do bleed sometimes how heavy is it... and what colour.

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 09:06:04

Jools try and relax... Heeby bled through her pg, so please be positive. I know it is hard sweety but try and stay calm. Are you at work?

Joolsiam Wed 22-Apr-09 09:06:12

Just noticed it when I wiped, but kept wiping and it wasn't stopping

Reddy / brown with little stringy bits

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 09:08:08

Well reddy/brown is good... how far are you. Would your AF be due around this time?

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 09:10:22

I would speak to your doctor and see if you can go to the EPU, it will ease your mind as I know what you may be thinking now but really it may not be what you think it is...

Joolsiam Wed 22-Apr-09 09:10:34

5+3 today, so nowhere near AF time

I was also really really incredibly bloated yesterday but have done my belt up another notch today. Had discharge last night and ran home from the gym convinced I was bleeding, only to find it was a thick white, almost chalky discharge - never seen that before.

Joolsiam Wed 22-Apr-09 09:11:43

Too early for EPU - they won't even do an internal scan before 7 weeks, so all I can do is wait and see. Might phone the GP later if it continues

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 09:16:59

If you are working can you go home and work? you need to put your feet up and relax.

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 09:17:50

Sometimes people bleed so think positive

Joolsiam Wed 22-Apr-09 09:18:05

Am working from home again today, which is a relief - don't think I could have coped in an office. It is the not knowing that is the worst.

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 09:21:21

I know Jools.. your little bean is fine. (big hugs)

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 09:22:23

Whatever is meant to be, will be... no one can change that, so try and relax and think positive...

kittycatcat Wed 22-Apr-09 09:28:05

Hi all

jools i hope you are ok! We are all here dor you. Like C1ndy said try to stay calm and think positive, i can only imagine how hard that is tho. And if you can go home and rest up definately do! [HUGS]

how are you doing C1ndy*?

Happy Anniversary! Did you see Hells kitchen last night? What did your friend think?

yellow good luck on the tests and [HUGS]


C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 09:28:40

Jools I will keep checking the thread whilst I am working.

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 09:32:27

Kittycat I am okay, but concerned now about Jools. I started the Cambridge Diet this morning and am feeling very upbeat about doing something positive whilst I wait for AF to arrive back and then TTC in July. Now tell me, how have you been getting along. I remember you joined just as I was leaving..

iggypiggy Wed 22-Apr-09 09:33:10

Hi All!

Thanks for new home C1ndy smile I know am not ready to start trying before AF - and may even wait one more mnth - can't explain why - just doesn't feel right to start TTC just yet - but am guessing I might change my mind about this over the next few weeks. On the upside, have lost the PG bloating now and have actually lost weight - which oddly makes me feel a bit more cheery...

Jools I have everything crossed for you - I know is hard, but try to think positive. I know I'll be so worried if I ever get PG again, so can imagine you are too. xxx

lovelymonster no idea about EWCM - am rubbish at telling when i look for it - the only month I think I noticed some was the month I got PG - so maybe that tells me something!

yellow hope BD fest going ok and that you feel better soon. x

Joolsiam Wed 22-Apr-09 09:34:06

Thanks for the support C1ndy - it really helps

Just paid the loo another visit and nothing more. Boobs are still tender and I feel sick - but whether that is MS or sick with worry I don't know. Am going to try and eat something as I am starving but don't want to eat iyswim, then have got to get on with work - I logged on at 8am with the intention of catching up, as my attention span has been non-existent since I got that precious BFP blush and I run the risk of sacking if I don't start producing some reports !

Think I may give the planned lunchtime gym visit a miss ....

yellowflowers Wed 22-Apr-09 09:37:08

Well done on starting new thread cindy.

jools am thinking of you.

Thanks kitty and everyone. My hospital appt is actually the same day my period might be due (though could be due up to a week later).

C1NDY Wed 22-Apr-09 10:10:58

Jools well ensure you rest up and take things easy. Remember work will always be there, its you and the little bean that you need to take care of. Am thinking of you today.

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