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Twenties ttc -- all aboard!!!!!

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seanybosmummy Thu 16-Apr-09 15:46:08

Hey girls here's the new thread grin

Antdamm Thu 16-Apr-09 16:21:41

Hey Ladies,

Looks good here. Lets hope that the new thread brings more BFPs!!

Good Luck

seanybosmummy Thu 16-Apr-09 16:35:44

Thanks ant.

nothing but positive vibes allowed on this new thread!!

Bubblebell1 Thu 16-Apr-09 17:23:07

Hi girls!!

what a lovely shiney new thread. fingers crossed we all get lucky soon.

should we have a list?? add your bits in.

Bubblebell1 ttc#3 ucl 28 cd4

Antdamm Thu 16-Apr-09 17:26:53

Okey dokey

Bubblebell1 ttc#3 ucl 28 cd4
Antdamm ttc#2 ucl 28-30 CD45

SuziBhoy Thu 16-Apr-09 17:29:59

hi all been away for a bit and my internet has been down so couldnt get on!! i have caught up as much as i could so apologise for not writing personals!!

hello to the new ladies and good luck to everyone on the new found thread!!

SuziBhoy ttc#1 UCL ?? CD13
Bubblebell1 ttc#3 UCL 28 CD4

SuziBhoy Thu 16-Apr-09 17:31:06

sorry missed your post ant

Antdamm ttc#2 UCL 28-30 CD45
SuziBhoy ttc#1 UCL ?? CD13
Bubblebell1 ttc#3 UCL 28 CD4

Bubblebell1 Thu 16-Apr-09 17:32:42

Ant shock 45 days!!!! god i hope af has stayed away for the right reasons. gd luck for when you decide to test.

Bubblebell1 Thu 16-Apr-09 17:34:30

welcome back Suzi! did you go anywhere nice or just a break from MN?

SuziBhoy Thu 16-Apr-09 17:39:31

hey bubble thanks. well my DP decided to take me away to Ireland for a break. I have been referred to a fertility clinic because of the PCOS, so DP thought it would be good to de stress before the major stress begins smile

I dont really want to move onto another thread (about fertility treatments) so hope you dont mind if i stick around here. smile

SuziBhoy Thu 16-Apr-09 17:41:29

the start of a cycle is really boring isnt it!!

Bubblebell1 Thu 16-Apr-09 17:53:51

Ofcourse we dont mind!! stay

They have referred you pretty quickly. thats good news atleast. i hope they can help and you get a bfp soon.

Bubblebell1 Thu 16-Apr-09 18:00:59

Yes its really boring... i have my scan this month (from when i was in hosp in dec.. slow nhs )to check for pcos and my bloods being taken on day 21. i also bought a digital ov test instead of the ebay cheapies!! ive been ttc since oct but only had 4 periods so this is my 5th attempt hmm

SuziBhoy Thu 16-Apr-09 18:22:00

it sounds familiar bubble, i hope you get answers soon as i feel so much better knowing that something can be done about it. I think... but dont quote me on this.... that if you have been ttc for more than 1 year, are over 23, non smoker, have had previous problems with keeping a pregnancy, then you should be referred to a fertility clinic!! i really do hope you get some answers, and good luck with your scan smile

it was only today i got my results back (as you say slow nhs), so im just waiting on my appointment coming through the post now... but i think they will have more tests to do!! women are just pin cushions eh? grin

seanybosmummy Thu 16-Apr-09 20:20:36

Welcome back suzi, please please stay! im glad to hear that you will hopefully be getting some answers soon.

Good luck for your scan bubble, what date have you to go?

Antdamm ttc#2 UCL 28-30 CD45
Bubblebell1 ttc#3 UCL 28 CD4
Seanybosmummy ttc#2 UCL 30 CD19
SuziBhoy ttc#1 UCL ?? CD13

I have arranged our info in alphabetical grin

Bubblebell1 Thu 16-Apr-09 20:34:18

thanks girls!

Scan is on the 27th april which is cd15(is that a good day to go).
i dont think i have anything wrong. the blood tests i had done before didnt indicate pcos... ive concieved before and not had any problems up until now... also ive not had those awful pains like i did back in dec.

my mil has been down and its been lovely. been shopping and planting up in the garden She keeps the boys entertained so i can relax. she really is an sngel. she is going home sat afternoon so going to make the most of tomorrow

Seany have you ovd yet? did you use opks?

hope your all well.

seanybosmummy Thu 16-Apr-09 20:42:03

i think i ovd somewhere around day 12-15 bubble, i didnt use opks, but i had ov cramps and ewcm for a couple of days.
woohoo for mil's, they are great creatures! (well yours and mines are anyway grin)

It has def been an eventful month on our thread, it is so great to have supportsmile

Will be thinkin about you on the 27th bubble. ive got an exciting week next week, have my driving test on the 24th (6th attempt blush,and then af due soon after that. Heres to passes and bfps!!

madmissy Thu 16-Apr-09 20:47:47

i was naughty i tested sad still neg
i'm cd 30 i think? so 2 days out
i sat and ate 4 elcairs last night and just had 3 custard tarts jsut now shock
i keep ignoring what cld possibly be a symp as think my minds playing tricks
i ahve no idea when i ovulated either lol

think i have to go ebay lol

madmissy Thu 16-Apr-09 20:48:41

i was naughty i tested sad still neg
i'm cd 30 i think? so 2 days out
i sat and ate 4 elcairs last night and just had 3 custard tarts jsut now shock
i keep ignoring what cld possibly be a symp as think my minds playing tricks
i ahve no idea when i ovulated either lol

think i have to go ebay lol

seanybosmummy Thu 16-Apr-09 20:52:31

MADMISSY step away from the pg tests, google and buns grin grin

What symptom do you think you have? tell me tell me!!

madmissy Thu 16-Apr-09 20:55:46

lol ok
boobs are odd... could be period
appetite.... could be period
toothache....erm wtf??
and that weird i know im pg feeling

which er clearly is not the case angry

seanybosmummy Thu 16-Apr-09 21:08:42

poor you having that horrible toothache still (do you have a funny taste in your mouth?)

Please dont give up all hope cause you know it could still be too early-give it a couple of days and test again (sorry i know that is easier said than done)

did you know with your other dcs that you were pg just by that pg feeling?

seanybosmummy Thu 16-Apr-09 21:10:33

mm dont forget to add yourself on the list

Bubblebell1 Fri 17-Apr-09 07:28:12

Morning everyone!

Seany good luck for your driving test and i hope that af stays away for 9 months

MM im sorry your having trouble with your af. when i came off the pill in oct i was convinced i was pg as af didnt show up. well 68 days later i got horrific cramps and then the worst period of all. drs said that even tho some women experience an after pill fertility boost for some it can take a while for their period to return. While my period was AWOL i started taking agnus castus and that made me regular again. fingers crossed you get some answers soon.

Bubblebell1 Fri 17-Apr-09 07:29:23

updated everyones bits too

Antdamm ttc#2 UCL 28-30 CD46
Bubblebell1 ttc#3 UCL 28 CD5
Seanybosmummy ttc#2 UCL 30 CD20
SuziBhoy ttc#1 UCL ?? CD14

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