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Someone calm me down please.

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Bonkerz Mon 25-Apr-05 21:11:21

Ok i need rational people to calm me down.

As some of you know i have had 2 mc in the last year. My last one was january. Have not been ttc but not been cautious either.

Since mc have had 2 periods first started 26 days after d&c and second was 24 days in to my cycle. I am now on day 34 and would have expected to start af on saturday. No symptoms and small changes are beginning to be apparant, it was DH who pointed out something tonight and then we started looking at dates etc.

DH wanted to go out and get a test tonight but all shops are now shut so will have to wait till tomorrow. Am so scared. someone please just calm me down. fell like i want to cry.

WigWamBam Mon 25-Apr-05 21:12:41

Oh, sweetheart, don't cry. Are you sure there's not a late night chemist open, or somewhere like Tescos that he could get one from?

rickman Mon 25-Apr-05 21:13:38

Message withdrawn

Bonkerz Mon 25-Apr-05 21:13:38

tesco too far and dont know of any late night chemists

misdee Mon 25-Apr-05 21:13:51

tesco 24hr stores, they have them on the shelves. they might be one near you. {{{{{{{}}}}}}}}

sallystrawberry Mon 25-Apr-05 21:13:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bonkerz Mon 25-Apr-05 21:14:06

even rang safeways and asda to see what time they close and it was 9pm!!

Flossam Mon 25-Apr-05 21:14:09

Get him to tesco's. Surely there must be one near you somewhere? I think there website tells you which ones are open late, most are open till ten. I'll look for you. At least then you will know a bit more sweetie.

rickman Mon 25-Apr-05 21:14:22

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Mon 25-Apr-05 21:14:49

Most of the chemists have a rota for late nights, if he goes to the nearest chemists there should be a note in the window telling him which chemist is open late.

AngelCakeUmm Mon 25-Apr-05 21:14:49

awww Bonkerz what great news i have my fingers crossed for you.
Is tesco's not open do you have one nr you? know what its like to have to wait!

Take a deep breath and relax

Flossam Mon 25-Apr-05 21:15:16

Sorry, Tesco's aint too far if it has the power to make you feel better! get DH to get icecream and chocolate too, so you can eat yourself better too!

WigWamBam Mon 25-Apr-05 21:16:01

Honey, if dh were here tonight I'd send him out to get one for you and bring it to you!

Try to relax, I know you must feel on tenterhooks but try and take it easy.

Flossam Mon 25-Apr-05 21:16:43

Where abouts are you Bonkerz?

AngelCakeUmm Mon 25-Apr-05 21:16:43

sorry crossed postes with everyone...blimey this thread has shot up, think i need to type faster

misdee Mon 25-Apr-05 21:17:18

if you need reassurence tonight then u need to get a test. does your dh drive?

Nemo1977 Mon 25-Apr-05 21:17:23

bonkerz firstly hugs to u hun

do u have a local co op or sweetshop as sometimes they sell tests....just send ur dh on the look out..maybe even a garage?

Bonkerz Mon 25-Apr-05 21:17:46

dh is going to try all the small late night shops, hes on his way out the door now! He was the one who wanted to test tonight!

sansouci Mon 25-Apr-05 21:17:50

Can sympathise... everything closes up tighter than a tick around here. Try not to be upset, especially as it sounds like it might be good news! Hugs & lots of luck.

WigWamBam Mon 25-Apr-05 21:18:33

Good for him, bonkerz. Sit and relax until he comes back. Big hugs.

Nemo1977 Mon 25-Apr-05 21:18:45

ooo bonkerz its soooooooooo

sallystrawberry Mon 25-Apr-05 21:19:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bonkerz Mon 25-Apr-05 21:19:52

although it will be good news i am dreading being pregnant again! Cant face losing another baby. Dh gone out now to hunt.

slim22 Mon 25-Apr-05 21:20:08

hugs and kisses

Flossam Mon 25-Apr-05 21:20:56

Hurrah for DH! He sounds like a star.

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