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PCOS. Confusing blood tests and hopefully TTC

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butterfly74 Tue 14-Apr-09 12:16:36

I'm new to this site and am really hoping to chat to other PCOS sufferers TTC. I have been trying for a year. I've definitely got PCOS. My most recent blood tests showed that I'd ovulated but def not pregnant this time. The previous month's test suggested I hadn't. I'm confused about what the tests mean or prove. If I'm ovulating normally some months is something else going wrong after ovulation or in addition? Can anyone shed any light on this or offer any experience of similar confusion?

KC11 Tue 14-Apr-09 14:55:40

Hi. I feel your pain. Are you under a Fertility Clinic or a sub-fertility unit? Has your GP referred you anywhere yet? You usually have to have been trying to conceive for 2 years. You might have to tell a little white lie. How young are you?


butterfly74 Tue 14-Apr-09 15:11:32

Thanks for your reply smile. I am 34, soon to be 35 and haven't been referred to a fertility clinic. Just had tests done by GP and a gynae consultant did a laporoscopy and scans but no follow up offered. I have 2 children from a previous marriage who I conceived naturally so I don't think they will consider me for any help. Really hard when we've been trying for a year and all very confusing as nothing has been properly explained to me. Have you had similar experiences?

KC11 Wed 15-Apr-09 17:10:36

Hi butterfly. I don't have PCOS but unexplained infertility. I do know that the criteria for NHS funded IVF requires that one of the couple have to not have had children (or fathered a child). Has your new partner had any children? If not, you as a couple may qualify for help on the nhs. I advise you contact your local fertility centre. Most hold an open day or evening when you can book a place and get to ask questions even if you don't know if IVF or IUI (intra-uterine insemination) might be the path you'd like to follow. IUI is cheaper and involves fewer drugs and you can try every other cycle. Have a look on the HFEA website and order yourself a brochure. It is really informative and worth reading.
They are free.

One year of trying seems a lot longer doesn't it. Chin up. Keep strong. Have you considered reflexology? There are some that specialise in fertility reflexology. Put that in a search engine and you'll find a place near you. I have just emailed a place near me and i'm going to book an appointment straightaway.

Good luck. Read this site regularly and post your feelings. There are so many women on this site that have good advice to offer. smile
Thinking of you and hoping the stork pays you a visit very soon.

butterfly74 Wed 15-Apr-09 19:48:41

Thank you very very much for all that positive advice. My husand doesn't have any children of his own (although a brilliant step dad to mine smile)so I guess we would be entitled to help. I hope we will manage as we desperately want to have a baby together. I know it seems selfish when I already have two and I do feel bad getting upset. Great to get some practical and kind advice though. Much appreciated. Reflexology could be interesting to try. I have also heard very positive things about accupuncture and fertlity too. Good luck to you too KC11. Lets hope in a years time we are on a different thread asking for nappy changing advice grin

KC11 Mon 21-Sep-09 17:17:18

Hi butterfly. How are you? Any joy with TTC? I hope there is some good news.

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