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1st time IVF

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AG13 Mon 13-Apr-09 10:32:25

Anyone would be interested to share their personal experience with IVF with me.

I am 35 years old, married since exactly 2 years, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for about a year and half with no success. We tried treatment with Clomid as well for a short while.
I did all required tests, Blood test, HSG to test the Fallopian tubes, Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy surgery to test and remove any available endometriosis. My test were clear. I had an IUI in March 09, but it failed. My doctor anyway does not find IUI to be reliable for it low success rate in unexplained infertility.
For that, now I am going into IVF treatment. My doctor put me on contraceptive pills to monitor my period and we will be having the IVF I think around Mid-May or so, after taking the necessary shots. To be honest, I feel a bit down with the unsuccesful earlier trials and don't know how much to hope for the IVF stressful procedure. I've been told it is about 50% success rate, but who knows, that means there is 50% failure rate as well.



spongebrainmaternitypants Mon 13-Apr-09 11:10:32

AG13, firstly, I'm so sorry you find yourself in this situation - finding out you have difficulty conceiving naturally is heart-breaking and takes some time to get your head round.

I have had three rounds of IVF and my beautiful boy was born last summer after the 3rd one. The thought of treatment was actually alot worse than the reality - and the worst part of all is the dreaded "two week wait", which is the two weeks you have to wait between embryo transfer and pg test to find out if it has worked.

If your clinic has a 50% success rate then that is excellent - on my last cycle I only produced one egg and was given a 15% chance of conception, and now have a 10mth old boy, so try not to focus too much on the stats, or if you're going to focus on them focus on the positives!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Other sources of support and advice are:

Infertility Network


Fertility Friends

Good luck x

AG13 Mon 13-Apr-09 13:44:49

Thanks Spongebrain for the supportive message! It's great to learn about successful procedures! God bless your little boy.

I am trying to look at the bright side but I do not wish to be too much disappointed all over again. The process becomes so depressing.

Could I be curious to know how old you were when the IVF finally worked out for you. My doctor advised I do it the soonest (35 better than 36 better then 37) as I recently completed all necessary tests prior to my IUI cycle, so why wait.

Also the 50% success rate is of course for more than 1 egg, she was considering maybe 3 or more, so I need to wait and see

I am sure if I have more questions in the coming period, I will not hesitate to ask

I can share with you yet that I am bit concerned about having formed some cyst on my ovaries with the last IUI cycle. I have pain on my ovaries and slightly in my breasts (like needles) after a light,short but painful period 2 weeks post IUI. Actually, to have my mind clear, I tested twice after my IUI (15 days and 19 days after) and it was negative. I was confused as I had all symptoms before testing and was becoming 80 to 90% sure I was pregnant (sore breasts, itching on the nipples level, lack of appetite, dizziness, slight Nausea, etc). I was dellusional...

All the best!

iftobaby Mon 13-Apr-09 15:51:49

Hi AG13:

I went through IF for 4 years...and here's some advice I wish I knew about before I started IVF.

Have you tried the Conception Kit ( It's a home insemination kit that gives great results. And, at a fraction of the cost of even IUI's with a doctor, not to mention IVF. I wish I had tried this before starting down the road with my RE. I've heard of amazing success with this kit. For the cost, its a drop in the bucket of what you would spend going into IVF. You could at least try it before you start the IVF, could even put of IVF three more months while you try this. Since you gave IUI only one try, this is a great, cost effective option that works for so many.

AG13 Mon 13-Apr-09 16:01:33

Hi Iftobaby,

Thanks for the advice. Actually no I have never heard of the Conception Kit. So did the kit work for you after the IVF you went through?
I checked the link you have sent me and it said the kit is only available in the States. I will check for its availablity other wise will request it.

Thanks again!

spongebrainmaternitypants Mon 13-Apr-09 17:02:16

AG13, I was 33 with my first IVF, 34 with my 2nd and 35 with my 3rd (36 by the time I had my baby).

If you're concerned about a cyst I would have this checked out before embarking on your IVF just to be sure you have a clean bill of health and nothing can get in the way.

I know what you mean about how depressing and disappointing the whole process becomes and how hard it is to stay positive. Believe me, we were sooo ready to give up after our 2nd IVF - and when we only got one embryo I was devastated sad.

But everyone kept telling me it was quality not quantity that counted! smile

Lippy1 Sat 12-Sep-09 17:31:17

Hi there

I am a freelance journalist working for Essentials magazine, and I was wondering if I would be able to post a request for case studies on one of the forums? I wanted to seek your permission before I did so.

Hi ladies

I've just read your stories - have posted on the media board, but thought I would here too - I work for Essentials magazine and I'm looking for three case studies of couple who've undergone IVF or fertility treatment and specifically, whose parents have helped them fund the treatment. We’d need all three generations of the family to be photographed. One can be (but it’s not essential) the paternal parents paying for the daughter-in-law and the other two the maternal parents. It's a reallly up-beat positive piece and we are more than happy to give credits to any charities or organisations. If anyone is interested, you can contact me on -
Karen Lipton
Essentials magazine

islegrin Sat 12-Sep-09 19:36:33

Lippy1 I find it strange that you (and Essentials magazine) are trying to find stories where parents are helping their ADULT children fund fertility treatments - as if those of us who are self-supporting and responsible enough to pay for them ourselves aren't as interesting. Personally, I think that's a crock of crap, but I guess responsible people are kind of boring. Thanks for giving me one less magazine to buy, it will help our savings account!

londonlottie Sat 12-Sep-09 21:20:15

Message withdrawn

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