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Step away from the first response and noone will get hurt... PART 2

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nunnie Fri 10-Apr-09 12:54:58

New thread ladies. For those that don't know this is a thread to discourage early testing, dissapointment and bank loans!!

STEP AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grin

hey nunnie! thanks for making new thread smile

nunnie Fri 10-Apr-09 13:25:47

Pleasure, the other one was getting close to 1000 shock.

How are you today?

PistachioLemon Fri 10-Apr-09 13:26:33

Thanks Nunnie!

By the way, can I ask please - do you know, if I'm ill, can I take anything (on the off-chance I am up the duff)?

I feel really really rough today - in between DH hacking away all night with super man-flu that's gone to his chest and BIL trying to sneak in after a night out at 4.45am I ended up with hardly any sleep and giving up at 5.30am. I made the mistake of going to cuddle with DH at nine-thirty, fell asleep and woke up with a really sore throat and feeling really groggy. I don't honestly think I am pg but if I was, could I take strepsils and paracetamol?

nunnie Fri 10-Apr-09 13:33:12

Paracetamol is OK, avoid anti-inflammatories like ibroprufen.

PistachioLemon Fri 10-Apr-09 13:35:01

Thanks Nunnie. Am going to dose myself up now.

How are you by the way?

nunnie Fri 10-Apr-09 13:35:03

Pistachio, when are you planning on testing?

PistachioLemon Fri 10-Apr-09 13:35:55

I don't know. I'm going to try not to, unless I get really really late.

Feeling miz today, so don't want to make it worse with a bfn!

im ok i think! of to work 3-10 today yukky shift! Really want to take things easy these next few days just in case but i cant see that happening bank holiday it will probably be chaos.
Struggling to take my mind of baby/pregnancy today, just had a bath and was thinking how i want so much to have a little baby growing but i cant risk getting attached through fear of n othing being there, i feel like im going crazy to be honest! blush

nunnie Fri 10-Apr-09 13:37:12

I am very well thank you, this is actually the best 2ww I have had grin not sure what is going on I feel like a different person this month.

Hope the paracetamol takes the edge off you throat.

ooh nunnie im pleased your feeling great! That could be a good sign that your not stressing so much.

PistachioLemon Fri 10-Apr-09 13:41:23

Thanks Nunnie. Your 2WW sounds fab... crossing everything for you

Iate, eww horrible shift .Hopefully you can take it easy before you go in?

nunnie Fri 10-Apr-09 13:42:50

oh Pistachio, hope you are feeling better soon.

iaatcey, that is a yukky shift shock I can only imagine how you feel hun, hope you get to know one way or the other very soon. You must avoid lifting heavy things apart from that you should be able to carry on a s normal (depending obviously on what your normal is, if you are a stunt woman I would avoid).

yep im taking it easy, leaving the washing up till tommorrow (wont hurt for a day!) as i have tommorrow of so will play catch up on housework then! I've had a nice warm bath, chilled out al morning as i know when i get to work it will be go go go for 7 hours.

Are you feeling any better now Lemon?

nunnie Fri 10-Apr-09 13:45:24

I have just realised I am only 4 days into the 2ww grin thought I was further on than that, however I did laugh and not cry which is a very good sign grin

kerryk Fri 10-Apr-09 13:48:54

adding myself to the new list.

i did do i first responce earlier though blush

BFN sad

feeling a bit gutted but i suppose it is still to early to trust it.

ScorpiowithabigS Fri 10-Apr-09 13:50:00

adding the thread to list.

aww Kerry it may be to early to tell yet, wait another week if you can smile Good luck!

well done Nunnie now thats positive! grin

nunnie Fri 10-Apr-09 14:03:40

Oh dear kerry, BFN's are heartbreaking I know how you feel, try and remain positive it is still early days.

PistachioLemon Fri 10-Apr-09 14:12:12

Hey guys, I'm just waiting for the paracetamol to kick in, DH is taking BIL to the pub for lunch and a 'chat' and I'm making marmelade (following in iate's domestic goddess footsteps). So am feeling less sorry for myself now! Thanks for cheering me up earlier.

PistachioLemon Fri 10-Apr-09 14:13:38

Kerry, sorry about the BFN, they're horrible. Nunnie's right though, if you can, wait a week before testing again.

Nunnie, only 4 days into the 2WW? I'd swear you were further along than that.

nunnie Fri 10-Apr-09 14:26:58

Me too Pistachio, but I have been avoiding counting days this month, this is the second time this month I have looked at a calander, first time was to put a friends meet up day in and the second was today to work out if AF due this week or next, shall not do that again angry stupid calander grin

proudestmummyever Fri 10-Apr-09 16:49:52

Hi guys can I join?! Serial tester here, in need of a good slap !!blush 1st mnth of ttc

BFN ths morning 3 days before AF..., I have a dd, 7 and a ds, 2, who has Special needs, so I am usually on that board, he has severe epilepsy, very low muscle tone,so wont walk for a while etc, brain damage and development delay in all areas due to a genetic disorder, me and DP have bn tested and are ok and we have less than 1% chance it happening again, so we thought, ok, one last shot, praying everything goes ok, as I have had 3 miscarriages also, 2 when my dd was about 2 yrs old, and 1 last January

Ok, life story over wink

nunnie Fri 10-Apr-09 16:53:31

You found it I see, hello and welcome, and just incase STEP AWAY from that test!!!

Sorry to hear about your mc's sad.

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