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Zestica HySeed Fertility Lubricant-sperm friendly

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nunnie Wed 08-Apr-09 13:32:40

Anyone used this? Any success stories?

I have just ordered some as it sounds pretty good.


WorrisomeHeart Mon 04-May-09 13:34:40

Nunnie - how did you get on with this? Just saw it on Amazon and would be interested to hear experience/success story!

nunnie Thu 18-Jun-09 11:00:27

Really sorry I missed this, I have been using it on and off not as regular as I should tbh, I have found it great as a lube whether it helps in the fertility section remains to be seen grin

1SexyMum Thu 09-Jul-09 19:19:45

Hey, I have just started using Zestica after seeing a blog about someone who used for the 2nd time and fell pregnant! It feels great as a lube as well and is made from natural ingredients, fab,

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