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emmsy's new one... only one left...

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HappyandEiknowit Tue 07-Apr-09 19:58:28

hi girlsgrin

come on and get your pom poms out and help me get to the finish linegrin

xx ei xx

cricri Tue 07-Apr-09 20:18:16

Huge congratulations to Mollie grin grin grin Such fantastic news, I am so, so pleased for you! Hope the spotting settles down soon so you can relax a little.
Lola Congratulations on your successful anomaly scan and grin that you're expecting a little girl! Didn't you have a hunch that your baby was a girl ages ago? Looks like you've been proved right!
Ei Keeping my fingers crossed for you - hopefully Fruity's dream will come true and we'll have a full house wink Will we then have to move out of Conception though and find ourselves a new home??
All OK here - we're off to Yorkshire for the Easter weekend so I won't be able to post until next Tuesday. Hope you all have a lovely Easter if I don't get chance to post tomorrow. Hope everybody not mentioned is OK.

FruitynNutty Tue 07-Apr-09 20:22:34

Lovely shiny new thread.

C'mon Ei you can do it!!!!
Something tells me we won't be settling in here for long grin

HappyandEiknowit Tue 07-Apr-09 20:38:01

fruity im not sure about not settling inhmm im dutifully BDing and temping and up to now even though i was sure that i OVed last wednesday/thursday FF wont give me any lines!! im thinking i wont OV this cycle and it will be a wasted effort and then im gonna have to take a cycle off cos il be having my HSG...BOOO!!!hmmhows the little'un??smile
cricri have a nice breakgrin
xx ei xx

HerNameWasLola Tue 07-Apr-09 21:40:28

Ooooo! Shiny new thread Ei, but what are all those strage looking objects you have hanging from the walls in here...? Surely they can't all be sex toys?!?! Oh no, I see that they are! grin Dirty girl! wink

Cricri you're right about my hunch, am going to go and see if I can find gthe first post I did after my bfp and see if it says what I think it says...!

Wotcha Fruity! How's the little hungry one? smile

teeheelaydee Tue 07-Apr-09 21:51:43

OH MY GOOD GOD!!!!!!!!! MOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEgringrin. As you can tell I am rather excited and happy for you. I have been feeling a bit fed up today and this has completely turned my mood around. Now then the serious bit - loving the positive attitude, keep it going. When I got my BFP for this one I decided no point in being negative as it wouldn't change anything and most of the time I have stuck to it. ANY wobbles I expect a post or text from you - I will be cheering your bean (and it will be Sticky) every step of the way - OK?!

I also promise to post every day, even if it's just a quick line to say - no baby yet and yes DP has you, Lola and Sparkly in phone so one of you should be able to spread the word.

Scully Love the drawers and will look marvellous with beech furniture - the nesting continues.

Lola Tips for baby movement - Have a drink, hot or cold, lie on your side and take some deep breaths, relax and stroke your bump (she can hear you) This has all worked for me although I do remember one day when the monkey hadn't moved much and I did all of the above plus some yoga and still nothing. MW did suggest a warm bath but I've never really found that worked until this week when honestly I need very little reminder that all is well as can feel every little twitch. Why did consultant say no doppler - surely not due to those articles, probably more worried that you would drive yourself mad - which you would wink

Cricri Have a lovely break

Fruity How is the feeding going? ... and everything else - are you still in your baby bubble?

PiperPeoplecarrier (Really think you should change your name to that- I love it) Sorry to hear you've been in hospital again, hope things start to get easier soon - you must be getting fed up already.

Ei Pom poms are at the ready - you won't be long. No pressure but does DH realise he is the only one left on the bench! I know you don't want to sit out a cycle but the HSG is a good thing - no?

Took Cricri and Fruity's advice and new car seat arrived today - Yey! It is lovely and sooo much easier to use than one that was given to us - no need to go to the gym to build up my biceps now.

I must say that waiting for a baby to arrive is very difficult when you are a control freak like me - I really don't care WHEN it comes but just wish I KNEW - I guess that's the only benefit of a Elec CS!

Molliemooma Tue 07-Apr-09 22:16:35

Thanks girls for the lovely messages.
I've just realised that the thread before last I started with a BFP, hope this isn't an omen! If it's meant to be it's meant to be
EI I have lovely visions of you in pj's like Bridget Jones singing into your hairbrush grin
TeeHee Will be looking for your post tomorrow, glad you got the car seat sorted!
Lola Always so full of good advice smile unfortunately my consultant doesn't want to know once I get pg sad so will just be under GP who promised me last time I could have a scan whenever I wanted. Will try and make it to 8 wks as 7 wks will be DH's birthday and we're off so don't want him to have bad news then (oops not so much positivity there hmm) don't think I can cope with seeing hb at 6wks again and then losing it, seems worse somehow.
Right I'm off to bed now as just got in and rather tired smile

HerNameWasLola Tue 07-Apr-09 22:34:22

Cricri this was part of my post a couple of hours after I got my BFP grin

HerNameWasSanta on Thu 18-Dec-08 11:24:29
Bloody bloody hell.... Part of me thinks 'here we go again', but part of me is sure that in about 36 weeks time we will have our little girl. It's a girl by the way, don't ask me how I know, I just do (mad as a bag full of badgers already then... )


Mollie good plan re scan, but angryangry and angry at your shitty consultant! Sorry, only other words that spring to mind are significantly worse angry Can totally understand why you'd rather wait til 8 weeks. So 4 weeks down, 4 to go then smile

Hi Teehee thanks so much for the tips. Am trying not to worry as I didn't really feel anything yesterday either, even when I could see her ("her" grin) leaping around on the screen. Curretly 19+3 so no need to panic at not feeling much. Right? Right?!?! Glad you got your car seat sorted, sounds like you're nearly ready for the big push! grin

Jaamy Tue 07-Apr-09 23:08:15

Right, I hope you don't mind but I would like to join you Ei. I know I'm not officially on the team but I thought it might be nice for you to have someone to keep you company, now that Mollie (so happy for you again, hun) has her BFP (again) which will end in a lovely mooma bundle this time round.

Trying for number 3 for 2.5 years. MC March and Sept 08.

Hope you don't mind me crashing your thread Ei - I've got my pom poms out for you...gringringrin...things are looking good for you this month - and if the worst comes to the worst we'll have to patent those cheeky Vs!

HerNameWasLola Tue 07-Apr-09 23:24:13

Hello Jaamy! Of course you can be on the team grin I'll go and find the list in a sec, then you can add yourself as you feel ready. Welcome! smile

HappyAndEiKnowIt CD20 TTC#2 cycle 17 (CP/MC april & june08)

Piper TTC#1 10 weeks pg TWINS!!
Sparkly BFP 20th Feb TTC#2 Cycle 4 after m/c
Molliemooma BFP 6th Apr TTC#1 Cycle 6 (mm/c Jan08, mm/c Aug08 & CP Oct 08)

Teeheelaydee 38 weeks pg, EDD 11th April
HeyThereGeorgieGirl 24 weeks pg (BFP 3rd Nov) EDD 10 July
Scully 24 weeks pg (BFP 8th Nov) EDD 13 July
BellaHarry 23 weeks pg EDD 29th July
Lola BFP 19 weeks pg EDD 30th August

Emmsy GIRL! Amy Louise born 7th October 5lbs 12oz
CriCri GIRL! Elise Vivienne at 0630am 4th November, 7lbs 15oz
Mibbes BOY! Evan, born 3rd December, 6lbs 5oz
Fruity BOY! Jack, born 18th March, 8lbs 50z

teeheelaydee Wed 08-Apr-09 07:47:34

Ei Ditto with the Bridget Jones picture with shots of vodka included!!

Lola I didn't even feel a thing until 19 weeks so definitely no need to worry. OMG at you BFP post! Still mad as a box of spanners though!!

Jaamy Welcome to the team - I'm tempted to say we're a lucky thread but it's taken quite some time for most of us to get as far as we are now so maybe we are just a bunch that refuse to give up - newbies seem to do quite well. Welcome aboard.

Mollie Good idea to wait to 8 weeks - but I am chasing away those little neggy thoughts that have chased in (shoo shoo)

Yes we are completely ready now- just need baby- trying not to think about it too much - yes that's really working hmm

HerNameWasLola Wed 08-Apr-09 08:18:22

Teehee thanks! I have to admit I have been worrying a little... does it ever end?!?! (No! smile) How frequently did you feel things once it started? If you want something to take your mind off waiting for LO to arrive, how about posting us some pics of your nursery?? gringrin Am badly lacking in inspiration for anything other than a little boy's bedroom and I'd love to have a peek anyway! [nosey cow!] Have you bought many clothes etc? Washed them, folded them and put them away? For some reason that sounds like the scariest thing to me, but I will probably do it... Come and chat!

teeheelaydee Wed 08-Apr-09 11:50:28

It's funny you should mention photos Lola I actually took some last week but DP camera is so flash that they were just too big to upload. I did some more yesterday though and will get them on later today. We are off to the cinema and out for an early dinner but will do them when I get.

Even though I say so myself the nursery looks lovely and I've even got the framed booties that I did as a little memorial up on the wall - will include a picture of that as well as thought Mollie might like to see as we were talking about them a couple of weeks ago.

I've tried really hard to not get too many clothes and am now paranoid that I don't have enough (it's amazing the things we worry about) All washed and in the drawers just waiting for someone to fill them. I have to be honest I do get them out occasionally and just stare at them and then tear up! blush

I seem to have hurt my shoulder which I know I shouldn't moan about as greater pain is shortly to come. DP is being totally unsympathetic and that doesn't bode well but he reckons he's saving his sympathy - harumph!

Mmmmm, can't really remember how often I felt Sticky to begin with, not much though. I was ill at the time so in bed and they tend to move more when you rest but it was still only a few times a day. I still worry - it's been a bit quiet today - or is it just that I am being sensitive to it (as you say mad as a bag of spanners! wink I think you'll maybe feel it more on hols as assume you won't be rushing around so much.

scully Wed 08-Apr-09 12:12:24

Congrats Mollie, what fabulous news grin I hope the next few weeks waiting until you can have a scan, aren't too stressful. Considering I didn't really relax until my 20wk scan, I'm hardly one to talk smile
Only a 2 day week at work this week, yay. Considering I had hardly anything to do today, am hoping to get off work early tomorrow. Meeting dd1 and her class for lunch at a local chinese restaurant, which should be fun and will fill an hour or so smile
Friends here had a baby on Tuesday, Caleb, he's a cutey, hopefully will meet him on the weekend.
dh has suggested Lachlan or Jack for a boy, both of which I like, they are both popular here though, only thing that puts me off. No idea if it's our 3rd girl, but as dd2 had no name for 3wks we will have at least that long to name this hmm smile

HappyandEiknowit Wed 08-Apr-09 13:24:35

hi ladiesgrin
jaamy!! il scuttle along on the bench so you can get on with megrin add yourself to the list love and we can keep a pitcher of cheeky V under the bench for if a BFN/AF situation ariseswink
hope all is well with everyonegrin
im posting from my new desk in work woo hoo!! (small things eh??!grin)
xx ei xx

oo oo and im thinking i might name change too so any suggestions girls??

xxhunnyxx Wed 08-Apr-09 13:53:30

Hi Ladies!
Not sure if you'll remember me, I was on this thread last year whilst TTC and I'm now 27 weeks pregnant grin.

I actually got pregant during the month one month that we were trying - typical! So I wasn't on here at the time to share my news.

Just wanna say conragts to everybody on all the BFP's, it looks like this is a very lucky thread!
I'm on the July ante natal thread if anybody wants to come and join us in there - we're a lovely bunch!

Ei sending lots of baby dust your way. Am I right in rememebering you have long / irregular cycles?

HappyandEiknowit Wed 08-Apr-09 19:29:02

xxhunnyxx i remember you congrats on your BFP/pregnancygrin you are right my cycles are less than predictable at the mo!!smilehmm hope you are wellgrin
xx ei xx

Molliemooma Wed 08-Apr-09 19:29:29

Lola Very spooky prediction from you, I'd like to make mine but then I'll look silly if I lose this one, so I'll wait and give it you when I've got through my 7/8 wk hurdle smile definately still mad grin Really hoping you start feeling her move soon
Jaamy Hello and welcome to our thread, lovely to see you over here, so glad you will be keeping EI company, I feel terribly guilty leaving her alone sad
TeeHee Thanks for chasing off my bad thoughts, you will be surprised at how many clothes you will be given as gifts I am sure, so I wouldn't worry too much. Would love to see the nursery pics, get them on now!!!! If you're still worrying drink some ice cold water and watch them wriggle grin
Scully Hope you had a lovely lunch
Hunny thanks for updating us, so pleased you finally got your BFP, 27 weeks - wow! That was one big break! I might be wrong but some of the others girls might not recognise you as I think you were on the other TTC thread that some of us from here are on, I might be wrong but it was so lovely to hear from you, good luck and wishing you a relatively painfree labour! grin

teeheelaydee Wed 08-Apr-09 20:20:15

Photos now done - at last!! See if you can spot the IKEA purchases.

Just been to see The Damned United and Sticky kicked me pretty much all the way through - another vote in the boy column perhaps?

Scully Like both of those - any ideas for girls yet?

Coffee with NCT girls tomorrow (no-one has produced baby yet!) and then friend and my Godson to be over for lunch so won't be waiting for baby tomorrow - thank goodness.

Anyone got any non-naff ideas for his Christening gift?

ray81 Wed 08-Apr-09 20:46:50

Hi guys, do you mind if a join ???

Am 6+1 after ttc for 5 yrs and 3 mc so am a nervous wreck.

Mollie, do you need someone to hold your hand, i certainly do so would you like too smile. I have done about 20 tests so far. Did the CBD lasy mon and it said 2-3 weeks and did the other on sat and it said 3+ so taking that as a good sign. Am so praying for a sticky bean this time. Have a scan at the epu for 17th week fri and hoping that they see a heartbeat and all will be fine.

Hi to everyone else i realy hope you dont mind me butting in. blush

HappyandEiknowit Wed 08-Apr-09 23:32:57

hello and welcome ray81grin pull up a recliner and grab a hot chocgrin you are very welcome here and we are a supportive bunch so you sound like you will fit right in with the rest of the preggos on heregrin im the only original who isnt a preggo yet (TTC#2 cycle 19 2 MC last year- 3 in total) we have all got our stories to tell and advice/support to offer if you want/need itsmile
but im not all alone now as my buddy jaamy has come to join me on the benchgrin seeing as how mollie has leapt the fence to BFP-domgrin
well anywho... all the luck for a sticky bean for yougrin
xx ei xx

scully Thu 09-Apr-09 12:03:35

Lovely nursery pics Teehee, looks perfect, all you need is baby teehee now smile And no, no real name options for girls, have some names we like, but nothing I know if I can live with, yet hmm
It's raining on and off here and so nice and cool now, only around 25deg during the day smile I am a much happier pregnant person now there's no humidity. Had a good day at work today, arrived there 15min late, took 2hrs for lunch and left an hour early in the afternoon grin Lunch with dd1 was lovely, and very filling.
Welcome to Jaamy and Ray81, they are all mad on here, it's not hard to fit in wink

HappyAndEiKnowIt CD22 TTC#2 cycle 17 (CP/MC april & june08)

Piper TTC#1 10 weeks pg TWINS!!
Sparkly BFP 20th Feb TTC#2 Cycle 4 after m/c
Molliemooma BFP 6th Apr TTC#1 Cycle 6 (mm/c Jan08, mm/c Aug08 & CP Oct 08)

Teeheelaydee 38 weeks pg, EDD 11th April
HeyThereGeorgieGirl 26 weeks pg (BFP 3rd Nov) EDD 10 July
Scully 26 weeks pg (BFP 8th Nov) EDD 13 July
BellaHarry 23 weeks pg EDD 29th July
Lola BFP 19 weeks pg EDD 30th August

Emmsy GIRL! Amy Louise born 7th October 5lbs 12oz
CriCri GIRL! Elise Vivienne at 0630am 4th November, 7lbs 15oz
Mibbes BOY! Evan, born 3rd December, 6lbs 5oz
Fruity BOY! Jack, born 18th March, 8lbs 50z

HerNameWasLola Thu 09-Apr-09 18:44:35

Just updating the list before we go away for the weekend smile

Welcome Ray, I think I remember you from the baby waiting room, but I've name changed since then... were you there or have I made it up? Hope this marks the start of a whole new positive chapter for you smile

New crisis (wink) is that I have swollen ankles. ALREADY. And I'm not even half way there til tomorrow. At this rate by the end I'll look like the elephant woman! Not complaining, it'll hopefully all be worth it in the end, it's just a shame cos my ankles were one of the only body parts that I actually quite like. Liked. Went to see the mw today at my mum's insistance as she had bad problems with her bp when she was pg with me and my sister, but bp was fine and no protein in sample. Got to hear the hb again which was very reassuring as have had hardly any movement this week which has been worrying me sad So boo sucks to my doula! <<sticks out tongue!>>

Have a lovely easter ladies, see you on the other side! xx

HappyAndEiKnowIt CD22 TTC#2 cycle 17 (CP/MC april & june08)

Piper TTC#1 10 weeks pg TWINS!!
Sparkly BFP 20th Feb TTC#2 Cycle 4 after m/c
Ray81 6 weeks pg
Molliemooma BFP 6th Apr TTC#1 Cycle 6 (mm/c Jan08, mm/c Aug08 & CP Oct 08)

Teeheelaydee 40 weeks pg!!, EDD 11th April shockgrin
HeyThereGeorgieGirl 26 weeks pg (BFP 3rd Nov) EDD 10 July
Scully 26 weeks pg (BFP 8th Nov) EDD 13 July
BellaHarry 23 weeks pg EDD 29th July
Lola BFP 20 weeks pg EDD 30th August

Emmsy GIRL! Amy Louise born 7th October 5lbs 12oz
CriCri GIRL! Elise Vivienne at 0630am 4th November, 7lbs 15oz
Mibbes BOY! Evan, born 3rd December, 6lbs 5oz
Fruity BOY! Jack, born 18th March, 8lbs 50z

HerNameWasLola Thu 09-Apr-09 18:46:59

PS Teehee forgot to say, love love love the nursery pics! smile Hope you're managing to cling on to the last vestiges of sanity while you're waiting for LO to arrive!! grin

FruitynNutty Thu 09-Apr-09 19:19:37

Evening all smile

Just grabbing 5 mins on MN before JAck screams for more boobs hmm

I have to admit I'm seriously struggling with this breast feeding malarky, it's bloody hard wok and exhausting, anyone who says different is a liar!........ There we go, not even 5 whole minutes and he's screaming again, just gonna grab him and type one handed......................................

Right I'm back, this could take a while. If any of you has any advise on BFing I've started a thread in beast and bottle feeding here

1st of all welcome to Jaamy and Ray This is a nice small group so no one gets ignored grin You'll fit right in and now Ei has a conception buddy smile Although hopefully Ei and Jammy will hop onto the bfp list very soon so we can all flee the conception room!

Teehee I adore the nursery, oh how I'd love a nursery sad Jack will just have to slot in amongst C's toys when he moves out of our room hmm

Oh I can't do this, i'll be back when Jack's had his bottle of formula later and is settled.....................

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