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mirina coil

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fionalol Sat 23-Apr-05 14:16:09

I need to know the good and bad side effects of short and long term effects of this type of contraception. I can feel it all the time and sometimes I get really bad pains and bleeding always after sex. Will this stop and will i ever have a nomal cycle again. I have lost my sex drive and I never feel like it anymore. I wanted more children but he doesn't, it was a tempory solution til I'm ready. Has anyone ever got pg with it and how?

cfc1905 Tue 03-May-05 23:56:26

DON'T have the mirena coil fitted , i,ve just had mine removed after six months...nothing but pain, weight gain and mood swings...i had it taken out 5 days ago, feeling better in myself, just flooding everywhere and i'm told by loads of people this can last for months...if only i new this 6 mths ago i would have stayed on the mini pill.

sallystrawberry Tue 03-May-05 23:58:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rachey1969 Wed 04-May-05 15:09:12

Hi, I had a mirena coil for a year and have to say I thought it was great. I have tried everything from condom to cap, minipill to the billings method (combined pill gives me migraine). Apart from initial fitting cramp and heavy bleeding for a bit, I had only 2 periods all year (similar to the mini pill). I had it taken out in March, had some bleeding, then a period 2 weeks later and now I (hope....please!) am 5 wks preg!

linnywith2 Sat 07-May-05 12:17:32

Hi everyone..
Need some advice in a bad way and soon
had mirene fitted last june
had blleding on and off for 6 mths.. that then changed to just regular periods untill mid march now im blleding alot on and off.. stops for few days and starts again and its worrying me at this stage.. should i go back to gp and have it checked/removed? or is this common?
am very concerned, and would appreciate advice..
thanks in advance..

SofiaAmes Sat 07-May-05 23:57:54

You should have your mirena checked once a year regardless of whether it's giving you trouble or not. Since in your case it's been just about a year, I would get it checked out for sure.

linnywith2 Sun 08-May-05 12:22:25

thanks sofia..
will make app tomorrow
didnt realise it was advisable to have them checked every year

rugbytouchlinemum Thu 12-May-05 12:16:23

At last l have found a board about the mirina coil.
Had mine fitted last august after months and months of cyts. My lovely doctor who l have known for about 12yrs removed my copper 7 and suggested l had a mirina couldnt had to have it put in by going under so went into hospital for the day. everything went well had no pain or discomfort at all. Now 9mths later l HATE it. I have gained 3 stone in weight - really sad as have loss this just before hand and have still kept to my diet...every week l gain another couple of pounds. My moods swings are awful l cry alot no intrest in sex sad work or my home. Feel sick all the time. Is there anyone else out there who feels the same after having the mirina fitted. A friend of mine (who is a doctor) told me anything hormone based put on weight in some cases.
Would love to hear from anyone - just to make sure lam not going mad here.
Ps having the damm thing out next week. Back to bunk beds..............wink

worried101 Sat 14-May-05 21:27:12

Hi,have just read this site and can't believe that other women have the symptoms I have!I have had the mirena coil for about 9 months now and have symptoms such as sore breasts (most of the time), feeling bloated, spots & lumps on face (which are here all the time), tiredness and feeling 'down', all of these seem to be increasing by the day. Will this pass or should I go back to Docs to have the situation reviewed? It was working so well, but now I'm beginning to wonder....

sansouci Sat 14-May-05 21:29:34

So, thread killing-spree starts here!

rugbytouchlinemum Wed 25-May-05 15:48:42

Hi worried101

I just think we are an unlucky few. I have heard wonderful things about this coil, and for girls with really heavy periods it would be great. Sadly, it has made my life hell....and no thread kill joys just the truth. This coil has the same effect on your body as the mini pill if l had been told that l would never have had it. Think the medical prof need to give better info about the side effects instead of the glory of it.

PARTTIMEBLONDE Thu 26-May-05 00:47:47

i was thinking of having he mirena fitted ive just had my third baby and dont wont another for 4 to 5 years my gp recommended the mirena as i told her i had a good bit of weight to lose and thought the pill made me gain more and the depo ingection some people bleed or weeks on it she made the mirena sound great at first i was afraid it wouldhurt like hell now ive a thousand things on my mind

Rachey1969 Thu 26-May-05 09:47:12

IMO I don't think the mirena coil makes you put on any more weight than any other oral contraceptive - in fact it has a lower dose of progesterone than the mini pill because it's absorbed locally, so any symptoms should be less than the mini pill. It's no more painful to fit than a smear, but I did have quite bad cramping for a couple of days. The heavy bleeding lasted for a while but then it settled down and I had only 2 very light periods all year. I had it out to get pregant again (and conceived almost straight away) but I would have been happy to leave it for a few years. You can forget about it, dp could feel the strings now and again but it wasn't a problem. I suppose it's not for everyone.

fluffybunnyfeet Sun 05-Jun-05 14:00:16

Hi new on here and trying for babe no6 . Had my mirena removed on the 17th May. Immediately started trying. Have not had any bleeding and ovulated Friday last week(in total agony) okay now. Has anyone ever conceived or heard of someone falling so quickly after having merina out.

Rachey1969 Sun 05-Jun-05 16:56:57

Hi fluffybunnyfeet (no.6 - wow, and I'm only no.4!)

I had a mirena coil for a year (only about 2 periods in that time - last one in November). I had it taken out on March 11th - had some heavy flooding with clots 3 days later and then again 2 wks after that (not really like a period at all, more like post-birth lochia but it only lasted a day or two - sorry if TMI!). I didn't notice ovulating at all (and I was looking! - I usually get a pain and plenty of fertile CM). 5 wks after the second bout of bleeding (I got a BFP! I could be about 10 weeks pregnant now or I could be less depending on when I ovulated - I have a dating scan in 2 wks to find out. I suppose I could have conceived less than 4 wks after it was taken out, I've been told there's no reason why you can't conceive straight away. You brave girl!

fluffybunnyfeet Sun 05-Jun-05 17:11:52

I haven't had any bleeding or spotting at all Rach . I have become really tired about 2ish for the last three days, feel like i could sleep for England. Your reply has made me feel a little more positive that i could be. It's three weeks now and still no bleeding so here's hoping. One other thing what do all the abbreviations mean? trying to work them out but to no avail....Oh and congratulations!!

Rachey1969 Mon 06-Jun-05 09:58:56

You could be! I'm sure it wouldn't be long anyway. Did you have periods while you had the coil in? How old are your kids?

TMI: too much information!
CM: cervical mucus
BFP: big fat positive!

There is an acronym list at the top of the page which lists a whole load more.

Pinkladie Mon 06-Jun-05 11:14:23

Hi to everyone, I'm new to mumsnet and would like to share my experience of the mirena! had it fitted in july 2001, it was very painful, took painkillers for the first day, and the pain soon subsided. I had constant spotting for about the first 6 months, then had nothing at all and no pain, didn't like the fact that i didn't know when i was on my period, other than feeling v emotional! Did feel paranoid about being pregnant but after many negative pregnancy tests did feel happier and its great to have spontaneous sex without the worry! Nearly 4 years on I'm not so happy, at the moment i'm suffering with lots of pregnancy like symptoms- sore breasts, sickness, headaches, dizziness, frequent going to to the loo, and am paranoid that i'm pregnant, after having 2 children already and deciding not to have anymore i'm terrified of being pregnant again! Is there anyone on mumsnet that has concieved whilst on the mirena, if not does anyone no the chances of this happening!

Toothache Mon 06-Jun-05 11:18:31

Pinkladie - There is at least one MN'er who conceived with the Mirena Coil in!! I don't know if it had fallen out and she hadn't noticed though. Are your threads still there? It is highly unlikely that you are pregnant though.

fluffybunnyfeet Mon 06-Jun-05 11:45:40

Thanks Rachey . I didn't have any periods at all when it was fitted. Still had the mood swings when I would have been due on. I have tried to use this as an indicator etc for when my period should have been due but that has been completely blown out of the water! Apart from feeling incredibly tired in the afternoons I have noticed my boobs are much bigger, hubbies v. happy but he doesn't have to carry them around all day!
My kids are 16, 14, 11,8 and 3 1/2. Three boys and two girls . My eldest is sitting his GCSE' and wants to become a hold on girls he may be available for future information!!

Mosschops30 Mon 06-Jun-05 11:49:55

Message withdrawn

Pinkladie Mon 06-Jun-05 12:12:42

Toothache, never been able to feel my threads, and nor has my dh! Never had any of these symptoms for the last 4 years, do you think its ready to come out?

Toothache Mon 06-Jun-05 12:21:43

pinkladie - They told me to check my threads every month! DH can't feel them but I can.

Maybe thats what it is.... perhaps you need a new coil??

chleo Thu 16-Jun-05 19:12:24

hi this is my first time on here i had the marina coil out on the 17 of june and am 3 weeks late but a negative test has any one got court so soon after having the coil removed

chleo Thu 16-Jun-05 19:14:45

fluffybunnyfeet how did you no you had overlated i havent bleed since the 14 of june had marina taken out on 17 but still neg

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