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agnus castus anf af question?

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lupins71 Mon 18-Apr-05 06:39:27


I have had really irregular af since coming off of depo 2 yrs ago, went onn the pill to regualate them, but as soon as i came off of it they were back to between 18-21 days,

Started taking agnus castus this month, and thought all was well, the days were creepng along nicely, except that today is day 31 and still no af and no af symptons, (stopped the tablets on day 28) has anyone had this on agnus castus, or am i going to be going to the chemist to see if there is somethng else going?


MeerkatsUnite Mon 18-Apr-05 16:32:46

I would talk to your GP further about your irregular periods. Sometimes such things can be caused by hormonal imbalances (quite apart from depo which does seem to put periods completely out of kilter for some women for some considerable time) and your doc may want you to have a blood test done to check your hormone levels. In this regard LH and FSH should be looked at closely as these two play a large part in the ovulation process. Ideally the values of these two hormones should be about the same.

It is actually not adviseable to self medicate with agnus castus as in some cases it can not make things better.

Were your periods irregular before taking depo?. If so this should be mentioned to the doc.

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