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clear blue digital question....urgent, help!!

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lilsmum Sat 16-Apr-05 18:37:41

AF not due till weds, but i did a test this afternoon..a clear blue digital. after i had wee'd on it, on the screen it said read leaflet, i think i had wee'd inside the holder thing so it didnt come up with pregnant/not pregnant. yet when i took the cartridge out it has a very faint +ve line, what does this mean? that i am pregnant?the line is very faint but there.


AnnieQ Sat 16-Apr-05 18:39:24

Get another test and try again, the test may be spoiled if urine got where it shouldn't, and so may not be reliable.

leahbump Sat 16-Apr-05 18:53:55

clear blues digis can also get a positive sign when you are not pregnant as the line that detects HCG hormone also detects something else.

I had an early positive with a clearblue digi test...but it did say pregnant.

I would test on Monday if you can wait that long.

Ps I can post a link to info on the clear blue digi test if you want?

lilsmum Sat 16-Apr-05 18:56:21

yeah please leahbump, how many days before AF did you test?

leahbump Sat 16-Apr-05 19:01:15

2 just off to look for link

leahbump Sat 16-Apr-05 19:06:05

digital secret

hope that helps

lilsmum Sat 16-Apr-05 19:08:31

phew!!! thanks for that

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