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Progesterone tablets?

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monkeybumsmum Sat 28-Feb-09 11:43:01

Was wanting to know if taking progesterone tablets has any side effects/symptoms?

Has anyone taken them and not got pg that month? If so, did you feel any different to how you feel in a normal non-pg cycle?


MrsMcJnr Sat 28-Feb-09 13:36:38

Hi, not quite the same but I have taken from from week 3-10 of my current pregnancy (I have PCOS apparently) and I didn't have any side effects whatsoever, I didn't feel any different from when I wasn't taking them either.

monkeybumsmum Sat 28-Feb-09 16:42:32

Thanks MrsMcJnr - I started taking them on Day 21 of this cycle (am now CD26), so would be about the same as you. Did you have strong pregnancy symptoms?

Geepers Sat 28-Feb-09 16:45:23

I have had progesterone suppositories as part of IVF treatment and they didn't give me any side effects at all I don't think. Possibly slightly constipated, but I often am.

Oh, and I never had a pregnancy in the cycles I was using them, but IVF plays by its own rules.

MrsMcJnr Sat 28-Feb-09 21:01:13

Insomnia always seems to be my first pregnancy sign! Fingers crossed for you smile

monkeybumsmum Sun 01-Mar-09 06:49:52

hmm Given up on lying in bed... Is usually one of the first signs for me too MrsMcJnr! Congrats on your pregnancy by the way, I forgot to say it in my last post smile How far along are you?

Thanks Geepers - I feel a little better now. I've got loads of pg symptoms, but then y'day started wondering if it was because of the prog supplement. Maybe it's not... We shall have to wait and see!

MrsMcJnr Sun 01-Mar-09 16:41:19

Thanks smile I am 26 weeks. I have a DS of 13 months so this pregnancy is much more tiring than my last! Really hope you get a BFP in a few days, I think looking back I knew that I was pregnant this time and it sounds to me like you think you are too smile

nowwearefour Sun 01-Mar-09 16:53:41

it helped my friend after 3 miscarriages maintain her pregnancy. she swears by them....

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